Great Moments in Cocktail Party History, Part 3: 2007–“Celebrate Good Times, Come On!”

And lastly….but not leastly….

Georgia/Florida 2007: “Celebrate Good Times, Come On!”

This hardly needs much explanation for those of us who’d been watching this series in recent years, but I couldn’t leave it out.

While we’re all very passionate about this game, I bet most of us would agree that there are few moments during football games where you laugh out loud. Football brings on a lot of emotion, but humor is rarely a part of the picture.

But then there was this moment. The penalty. Ask any Georgia fan and they’ll remember it with a laugh. Ask any Florida fan and you’ll likely find they’re still sore about it. But there it was, a first-quarter Knowshon Moreno touchdown, and suddenly the entire team was on the field, acting a though they’d just won a National Championship. Everyone in our section was puzzled, to say the least, wondering what had just happened and why. As we all began to figure it out, the quizzical looks turned to smiles, and before we knew it, the entire Georgia side of the stadium was erupting in laughs and cheers. Emphasizing the laughs.

A rather original way of revving up the team against their arch-rival, right? (Probably worth the yardage on the penalty!)

Georgia went on to get the win over Urban Meyer, Tim Tebow and the gang, 42-30 in one of the more spirited contests in the series history.

As for reliving the “celebration”, I have to say it never gets old…and never fails to make me smile..and then laugh!


So did I miss your favorite Georgia/Florida moment? Tell me about it!

Look out for more stories from this year’s game as they happen!

–Jennifer Rohner, Chief Cultural Correspondent

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  1. YES. A thousand times yes.

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