This Post is Graphic in Nature: ESPN Hates Aaron Murray

All data recorded prior to Teddy Bridgewater’s good, but not great, effort against Rutgers on Thursday night. runs a stupid Heisman poll.  I say it’s stupid because it is stupid.

Despite continued success and late-game heroics, Murray is sitting in sixth place in the Heisman Watch.  He trails five other quarterbacks.  At first glance, Murray clearly belongs.

Click to enlarge.

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And yet, as the chart below shows, Murray gets no love in the polls.

Click to enlarge.

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The overall impact is ridiculous.

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Apparently Georgia’s big wins over good teams mean nothing to Heisman voters on

Click to enlarge.

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But looking at the entirety of Murray’s competition is what should really set him apart.  The chart below shows the total number of FBS wins by Murray’s opponents.

fbs wins

Click to enlarge.

Oh well.  You do you, Murr-Man.  Get another win against a Top 25 opponent (one with four FBS wins this season) this weekend.  Keep putting up the same stats as everybody else.  It might pay off.

That’s all I got/


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  1. Murray is a very good college QB but, i do not beleive he will make it in the pros. I just dont think he has the poise or the talent for the next level. I think he will be a 2-3 round pick. It also pains me to say this.

    • What does that have to do with the Heisman?

    • Look at Teebow…..

    • The season isn’t over just yet…and the combine hasn’t happened. Second round is no shame if he turns out to be a Doug Flutie or Drew Breese kind of franchise player. He will get his money and recognition. Getting a Heisman may boost him to the first round, but where a player is taken is no guarantee of his success thereafter. Murray will be a starter. Might not be the year he is drafted, but few rookies have to do that. I believe he has more guts in his little finger than any quarterback headed to the draft this year, and can compete with the best of them.

  2. “Doesn’t have poise” – Read: How many comeback wins in Aaron Murray’s history? How many bounce-backs from bad 1st half performances? How many great “2-minute drills”?

    “Doesn’t have talent” – Read: So Colt McCoy, Brady Quinn, Jared Lorenzen, Brody Croyle, Kevin Kolb and Matt Schaub have more talent? Doubtful.

  3. I think Georgia in general and Murray in particular are looked on as also rans. The press likes gaudy, not character nor, apparently, meaningful stats. However, USA Today published an article this week that boosts Murray and Georgia in a big way. It will take the Dawgs to go unbeaten the rest of the season to give credence to the facts of his superior leadershp and performance for the rest of the press to hop onboard. ESPN may have to follow the swell of public opinion in that case

  4. Murray probably would’ve won the Heisman if his team stayed healthy, whether ESPN wants to admit it or not.


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