Georgia Football: This Time Last Year, We Were All Very Sad

I’m all about opening healed wounds, so let’s take a look back at what I was writing about on October 9, 29012.


...besides this monster. Via.



This time last year, Georgia had just suffered an embarrassing defeat at the hands of the South Carolina Gamecocks.  The Dawgs seemed out of the SEC East picture, and things we far from pleasant.  Here’s what I wrote then.


Georgia vs. South Carolina – Dawgs Weren’t Even Prepared for a Good Game by the Cocks

You can check out the full article here, but below are some excerpts:

To say that it would be impossible for Mark Richt and company to predict a performance like South Carolina put on this past Saturday evening is probably off-base.  South Carolina columnist Ron Morris who has become famous recently for an ongoing tiff with Steve Spurrier didn’t compare Saturday’s win over Georgia to the game two years ago against Saban.  He called Saturday’s opening quarter the best in the program’s history saying, “It was a knockout blow like no one USC has ever delivered before in a game of this magnitude.”

So there was no way for Georgia to be prepared for that, right?  Wrong.  While it might have been hard to expect the level of play we (Georgia players, coaches and fans alike) thought we saw from South Carolina – especially after their early season struggles with Vanderbilt and a lackluster win over Kentucky seven days prior – Georgia should have been prepared for it.  Because, while South Carolina played the best quarter I’ve seen this season and in doing so showed arguably the highest “upside” of any team in the country, everything they did right was something that could have been prepared for.  Everything they did right was everything that they wanted to do.


Yet again I took great solace in not having a Special Teams Coach on Georgia’s sideline.  Wait, no I didn’t.  You see, only when a team doesn’t have a Special Teams Coach do you get to read play descriptions that read like the following:

Collin Barber (UGA) punt for 40 yards, returned by Ace Sanders (SCAR), fumbled, recovered by Ace Sanders (SCAR) at the 30, Ace Sanders (SCAR) for 70 yards, to the UGA 0 for a Touchdown.

What. The. Heck. Was. That.


Richt has been getting a lot of flack for saying that Georgia didn’t play a “flat” game on Saturday evening.  It may sound counter-intuitive but I think I agree with him.  But to make sense of it all you might need to think of it in this context:

After the game DadYouCrazy recommended that CMR come out with one of two confessions following the game.  Richt needed to admit that either a. South Carolina is by far more talented than Georgia is or b. admit that Steve Spurrier and his coaching staff far outcoached Richt, Grantham and Bobo.

By saying that his team wasn’t “flat” I think he’s conceding to DadYouCrazy’s second accusation.



The week after their upset win over Alabama in 2010 South Carolina traveled to Lexington Kentucky to take on the 3-3 (0-3 in SEC play) Kentucky Wildcats.  The Gamecocks lost that game.  Let’s hope history can repeat itself in Baton Rouge this weekend against a much more talented LSU squad and in a much more hostile environment.

What happened next?

South Carolina did lose to LSU the next weekend.  The following week, South Carolina lost to Florida.  Georgia won out, moved on to the SEC Championship Game and almost beat Alabama.

So, while injuries may be depressing, it’s kind of nice to be in the driver’s seat as the Dawgs control their own SEC East destiny.  Keep your heads up.  Cheer the Dawgs to a win against Missouri.



That’s all I got/


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