Aaron Murray Can Throw Passes In Spanish

…but doesn’t because it would make you, the fan, uncomfortable.

come mierda, beagles chaudes!

come mierda, beagles chaudes!

One of my favorite bloggers, EveryDayShouldBeSaturday, posted a perfectly riotous oral history of what it is like to catch a pass from Georgia’s own Aaron Murray, and took a ‘quote’ from all 38 players lucky enough to catch a pass from the SEC’s all-time passing yards leader.


A couple of my favorites:

Kris Durham: “His passes are so catchable they should be hepatitis at Florida State.”

A.J. Green: “I’ve never seen him thrown an interception, but I’m legally blind and work by sonar. So yeah, I’m not the person to ask. You’d be astonished what NFL scouts don’t ask about.”

Bruce Figgins: “If you catch an Aaron Murray pass on a fall morning, it gives off just a hint of pumpkin spice, and then you’re gang-tackled by crazed white girls.”

Brandon Boykin: “He’d just fit the ball in spaces that seemed impossible. I caught four balls against Vanderbilt while I was in utero.”

And of course….


Isaiah Crowell: “Those throws look so pretty, but then you let them borrow your car and next thing you know they’ve planted a gun.”

My personal favorite is attributed to Arthur Lynch, because this is just patently absurd:

Arthur Lynch: “An Aaron Murray pass can vacate a jury in seven Georgia counties, though no one’s sure which ones and on what days.”


So, whose description of Aaron Murray’s passes is your favorite?


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