The Morning After: Georgia / Clemson Reaction

I got home from the game this morning at 4:50.  I have an article up on Bleacher Report that expresses two sentiments:

  1. It was Georgia’s highly touted offense that cost the Dawg’s the game.  The defense performed to expectation.
  2. All is not lost (I feel like I write that every year).


Thanks for picking Georgia, Corso!

Thanks for picking Georgia, Corso!


A few random thoughts:

  • For so many points to have been scored in the first half, there sure didn’t seem to ever be any momentum for either team.  Even big plays and long drives just seemed like formalities, not actual movements.
  • The lack of discipline was maddening, especially along the offensive line.  Clemson returned a lot of experience in the front seven, and the pass rush was obviously better than anticipated.  But whoa.
  • I could make a strong case for this being the least consequential game for Georgia to lose.  Eight conference games are more important.  App State and North Texas are more important because a loss would make Georgia the laughingstock of the nation.  Georgia Tech is an in-state little brother that should never win.
  • And, I don’t think many people expected Georgia to run the table against the early slate.  So in that light, I’m not devastated by the loss.
  • This game was light-years less depressing than Boise State, Colorado and UCF losses.
  • Also, to make so many mistakes and still almost beat a top-10 team on the road is something.  I don’t know what, but it’s something.  Maybe something positive in the form of potential.
  • Malcolm Mitchell.  I’m sorry.
  • Clemson might be my new favorite game destination.  Easy commute.  Really friendly fans.  Solid campus.  Nice atmosphere.  Great job, Clemson.  Read about the festivities here if you missed it yesterday.


I’ve got an article for the Gwinnett Daily Post going up later.  I’ll keep you posted.


Go to church.  Mark Richt is.


That’s all I got/


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  1. Hate to say “I told you so.” You all were hating after I said this would happen and that they would get embarassed by USCe next week before the standard UGA “regrouping when it doesn’t matter anymore” to win out, get beat by Bama, win the Cap One Bowl and then say “Next year! That is the year!” Face it, we have some problems in Athens. I didn’t say “Fire Mark Richt” or start that crap, but we must come to reality that the Dawgs are abysmal in games that count. Not that they aren’t talented enough or anything else, they just aren’t ready! There was once a day when Rich arrived at UGA that I ALWAYS though UGA would pull it out in the end and never give up. Now they just make too many mistakes, lack fundamentals, and never have a though out gameplan for big games. See more non-homer insight at:

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