Georgia vs Clemson: Live Blog – First Quarter

Live coverage from the Press Box where I just finished watching Jeopardy and drinking chocolate milk.  Seriously.



0:00: Murray runs for 10.  Boyd has 8 yards rushing, Murray 10.

0:45: Hold on Georgia. Marshall has 7 carries for just 20 yards.

1:17: Nice hands by Scott-Wesley, who struggled in that area at times last year.

2:12: Quayyyyyytron.

2:20: Georgia takes over on the 3.

2:30: Great pressure by Jordan Jenkins there.  Fourth down, Clemson to punt.

2:59: Nice contain on that run by Watkins.

3:59: No sign that Georgia learned to stop the run this summer.

4:12: Keith Marshall put a lot of weight on this summer.  It paid off on that run.  Nice play call, lots of power on that finish.

4:51: Michael Bennett plays DB and breaks up an INT.

7:04: Malcolm Mitchell has a knee injury.

8:01: PI on Clemson.  Tigers be tryin to cheat.

8:50: Michael Bennett, yall.  A long, slow drive would be nice here.

8:58: ACC speed is a thing too.

9:29: Already we’ve seen Todd Gurley, Damian Swann and Malcolm Mitchell back as returners.

9:29: Tajh Boyd Touchdown.  Clemson leads 6-0  Extra point makes it 7.

10:52: The Clemson faithful boos Leonard Floyd as they don’t think he’s really hurt.  I think that’s rude.

11:11: Here’s that Clemson offense.

12:17: The defense is out waiting during the TO.  They look like they have a bit of swagger if I may so.

12:17: Murray has time in the pocket but is off target.  Solid punt by Barber.  Watkins forced to fair catch.

13:41: HUGE 3-and-out to open the game by an allegedly bad Georgia defense.

14:41: Sterling Bailey on the pursuit.  Great tackle on first down.  Gain of 0.

Q1: 15:00: Let’s do this sucker.  Georgia wins the toss. Defers – bold move – until second half.  So here comes a young defense.  Do it Todd Grantham.  Do it evil Richt.

2:30 until Kickoff: Georgia players don’t play.  Talking all kinds of trash while Tigers run down a hill.

7 minutes to Kickoff: If you’re just now joining me, where have you been all my life?  Also, here are some scenes from tailgating today.  And here is some footage I captured down on the field.

10 Minutes to Kickoff: Solid national anthem from what I could tell.  America is proud.

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