Georgia vs Clemson: Live Blog – Third Quarter

Tailgating stuff here.  Pregame stuff here.  First quarter here.  Second quarter here.



0:00: Georgia set to receive a punt to start the fourth.

0:56: Bad snap leads to Georgia not getting the kick off.  Wow.  You’d obviously like to have that one, but I don’t know that this game was going to be won by a FG anyway.

1:15: Hicks is stuffed.  Out comes the FG unit.

4:39: Gurley Hungry!!!!!

4:51: It was crucial to hold Clemson to a FG there.  Georgia succeeded.  

6:04: Tajh Boyd is getting hot.

6:49: This young Georgia defense is about as good as advertised…And that’s not good.

7:58: Quayvon Hicks is not a human being.  And neither is Todd Gurley!!!!!  28-28.

9:05: Nifty fake punt on 4th down to pick up the first.

10:21: Nothin doin for Marshall on the ground.  Might need to try something new.  Outside toss?

10:58: White boy just got exposed.  Great throw.  Great catch.  Clemson goes ahead 28-21.  Georgia’s offense needs to be Georgia’s offense now.

13:58: Right now, Vic Beasly is the game’s MVP.  He has 346 sacks.

3Q: 15:00: J S-W downs the ball.  Georgia begins on the 25.


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