Georgia vs Clemson: Live Blog – Second Quarter

Tailgating stuff here.  Pregame stuff here.  First quarter here.


0:00: Head over here to follow after the half.

1:11: Murray has less than 90 seconds to work.  So naturally a run makes sense.

1:38: Boyd’s receivers have a case of the dropsies.  I’m OK with that.

2:15: Murray gives it right back throwing an interception to a DE who was downfield in coverage.  Clemson runs it back to the 45 or so but draws a personal foul in the process.

2:25: Murray isn’t getting much time back there.  Georgia punts to Watkins, which is always terrifying.  He muffs it, Georgia has it!

3:02: Georgia’s offense is getting a little bit predictable with inside runs.

3:51: Scott-Wesley, the track star, didn’t get a chance at a return.  Georgia takes over on the 25.  A cute little 3:51 scoring drive would be useful before getting the ball back after the half.

3:51: Tremendous patience by Tajh Boyd on that run.  Clemson ties the game 21-21.

3:56: Georgia uses a timeout.  Holding Clemson to a field goal here would be absolutely huge.  Got to think Clemson goes for it on 4th, even if stopped here.

5:45: Huge swing there as  a relatively stagnant Clemson offense now takes over on the 16 following a fumble by Murray.

6:30: Again, nowhere for Marshall to go.  10 carries, 23 yards.

6:43: Random feel-good comment on the defense: Georgia is putting some pressure on Boyd.  He’s 1 of 5 for 2 yards in this quarter.

6:55: For the record, if I said, “It’s hot as hell in this press box,” I would be referring to a really hot summer day in Hell.

7:37: Georgia now has 275 yards.  Clemson is taking over on the 45.  The Tigers have 195 yards of O for the game.

8:14: LT got burned right there. Murray got buried.

9:27: Georgia hit with a chop block penalty after a run of not much.  Now second and 15ish.

09:59: Gurley runs for four.  He’s not averaging under 40 yards per carry.

10:03: Our Team. Our Drive. Our Chocolate Milk in the Press Box.  Our Gurley coming back?

10:20: HUGE hussle play be Herrera to break up a pass downfield.  huge.

10:38: Jordan Jenkins banged up.  Not to be “that” guy, but all these injuries are not a good thing.  Also, Clemson fans, shut up with the booing of injured players.  3rd and 9, you don’t have your best player fake an injury.

11:03: Samuel Watkins just won an Academy Award for that.

13:00: Three UGA backs have scored rushing TDs.  This is the point where I’d like to see more ground-and-ound, but if the Dawgs remain Gurley-less that may be hard to do.

13:00: Hicks carries the ball for a 1-yard TD.  Chad Floyd said he would be a difference maker on the DudeYouPodcast this week.  he knows.

13:16: Really nice job by Aaron Murray.  He extended the play with his legs (something he wanted to work on this offseason.  He directed traffic.  He found Rantavious Wooten who wooted down field nicely and might have scored.  It’s under review.

13:59: Marshall is continuing to not find space, but at least Georgia is resting its offense.

2Q: 15:00: Tied game.  Lots of offense.  218 yards for Georgia, 179 for Clemson.

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