Georgia vs Clemson: Live Blog – Fourth Quarter

Tailgating stuff here.  Pregame stuff here.  First quarter here.  Second quarter here.  Third quarter here.


6:02: In one of the more ridiculous plays I’ve ever seen…Georgia punts for some reason.  Clemson is on the 9 at the end of the day, but that was weird.

6:32: Georgia is getting realllllly close to that “too many mistakes to win a big game” line.  Really close.

7:32: Gurley is a smooth rider.

7:40: TD Clemson.  It would be nice to just be down by 7 right now.

8:50: This is gonna hurt.

10:00: Georgia had several shots at Tajh but he narrowly escaped for a loss of just one.

11:27: Connor Norman appears to have survived being picked on.

14:22: Georgia hit with a chop block.  15 yard penalties don’t usually help.

14:47: Play action get J S-W open for a nice gain on first down.

4Q: 15:00 UGA to receive punt.  Swann back deep.  Game on kids.  Game on.

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