Safety Corey Moore, WR Jonathon Rumph out for Clemson Game; Loss of Rumph is Bigger Deal

According to Marc Weiszer of the Athens Banner-Herald, Rumph and Moore are out for the Clemson game per Mark Richt.


I could waste your time by sating the obvious through some pseudo-analysis like, “The loss of Corey Moore hurts more as Georgia lacks depth in the secondary,” but that seems a bit trite at this juncture.

So, how about an unpopular opinion that I can kind-of-sort-of-almost defend?

Georgia will miss Rumph more than Moore in this game.

Outside of Damian Swann, the Bulldogs’ most experienced defensive back is senior strong safety Connor Norman.  Norman appeared in all fourteen games in 2011 – primarily in a special teams capacity.  In 2012 he showed up in 14 games and made two starts at the safety spot thanks to a few suspensions.  He appears poised to play (although he’s banged up) and if he is truly the superior safety (which the depth char suggests) and what we know about him proves true (relentless defender, tirelessly conditioned, mentally strong, etc.) then the loss of Corey Moore is nothing more than the loss of a safety (no pun intended) net.

Tray Matthews is back at full capacity as a free safety today, and his loss would have hurt more than this loss of Corey Moore.

Conversely, Georgia might actually miss Jonathon Rumph quite a bit on Sunday, even though he’s not listed anywhere on the two-deep depth chart.  Michael Bennett (1) and Justin Scott-Wesley (2) are holding down the split end position while Malcolm Mitchell (1) and Chris Conley (2) are anchoring the flanker spot.  But, there is a distinguishing difference between Rumph and the six pass catchers listed on the depth chart (throw in TEs Arthur Lynch and Jay Rome as well).  That difference is that Clemson doesn’t have any film on him.  He’s the new guy.  He’s less scouted.  He’s less known.  He could have caught the Tigers by surprise (or by the tail).  Now he won’t be catching anything.


That’s all I got/


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  1. The other Doug

    Dude, you crazy.

  2. Dude, you ARE crazy, haha What happens when Norman gets cramps / concussion / injured? We have plenty of receivers. I’ll take Moore please! Go Dawgs!

    • I just really, really, really wanted to see Jonathon Rumph play. This is an on-going problem for me in which I get really into random new receivers and they don’t see the field. Last year I pegged Blake Tibbs as a guy I wanted to see just because I liked his frame. Didn’t happen.

      This year, Rumph is the guy. There’s no reason behind it, but I want so badly to justify my unnecessary disappointment!

  3. Connor Norman is smart and fundamentally sound, but I don’t even like to see him playing special teams much less starting at safety against a high powered offense. No doubt he’ll make the right reads and put himself in position to make plays, the only problem is he doesn’t have the ability to make those plays. Georgia signed 8 db’s this year for a reason, and my guess is that the reason is that Connor Norman is high on the depth chart, and that’s not good for any team. Guaranteed, Boyd is going to go right at him. Let’s be honest, he’s got the build of a Division III runningback. The JHC suspension is going to end up being huge. Here’s to hoping the pass rush really shows up in a big way.

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