Mark Richt has lost control of Jadeveon Clowney hype

A few months ago I mentioned that the hype for Clowney was way too much for anyone to live up to.

My thoughts: he’s not good; he’s great.  He might even be the best.  But he’s being talked about like he’s invincible.  There’s no way he lives up to that hype.

A short time later, Clowney said he knew QBs were scared of him.  Then Mark Richt called him the best football player in the world.

Now this is happening.

This is getting out of control.  Clowney could register 15 sacks this season (I don’t think he will) and it still wouldn’t merit the hype he’s getting.  It’s not his fault; it’s ours.  But still.


That’s all I got/


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  1. Clowney is only one chop block from being a non factor this season. I don’t believe he will have the production he has had in the past because USCe secondary shouldn’t be that good. No one is un-blockable.

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