Can Aaron Murray Throw for 1000 Yards Against Clemson? Of Course He Can!!!!

Georgia plays Clemson in just two short weeks, so it’s time for some more Tiger Bashing…


There are categories in which placing in the top-83 is an impressive feat.  It’s not the worst thing in the world to be 83rd on Forbes’  list of the rich people.  If you finished 83rd in the New York City Marathon, I assume a certain degree of pride would adorn you and your nearly-destroyed physique.  Finishing 83rd among FBS teams in passing defense, however, is not one of those acceptable top-83 accomplishments.

That’s what Clemson did in 2012.  With such mediocre performance, I’m not sure if losing three out of four starters in the defensive backfield is a good thing or a bad thing for the Tigers.  I do know this: Aaron Murray is going to have a chance to set some records.


Travis Blanks is Clemson's lone returning starter in the secondary, and he sure does have a lot of security around  him for a guy whose position is "safety." Photo Via.

Travis Blanks is Clemson’s lone returning starter in the secondary, and he sure does have a lot of security around him for a guy whose position is “safety.” Photo Via.



I’m not just talking single-season and career passing records.  I’m talking about single game records.

In his last football game Aaron Murray took on a Nebraska defense that had previously allowed just 148.2 passing yards per game and exactly one touchdown per game in the air.  Murray threw for 427 yards ( 188% more than the Cornhuskers’ typical average) and five TDs (500% of the Huskers’ average).

If that level holds and Clemson’s passing defense remains at the level it was last year (250.3 yards per game allowed, 1.833 passing TDs per game), Murray would throw for 720 yards and 9 TDs.

But that’s assuming that Aaron Murray has not improved any.  I think he has.  Last year, he threw for 23.6% more yards than he did in 2011.  If improves just as much in 2013, then that 720 figure becomes 890.

Does Murray throw for 1,000?  I don’t know.  I just can’t be sure at this point.  But if he hits 890, I have to think Richt will give him a shot at 1k.  Clemson might be in trouble.


That’s all I got/



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  1. Has anyone ever thrown for 1k yards in 1 game before?

  2. Give me a break…that is almost as absurd as thinking they will finish Sept. with less than 2 losses and virtually no shot at the BCS. Mark Richt is known for 2 things: kindness and choking. They will have a huge letdown season, people will call for his head, he will reel in a big recruiting class, everyone will adore him, he will finish 1 play away from something big the next year, UGA fans will once again say “next year is the year”….choke, rinse, and repeat.

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