Clemson vs. the SEC: 27% of the time, the Tigers win everytime

EDIT: 1:25 PM

A previously published version of this article cited the Tigers as having a .292 winning percentage against the SEC.  That data (along with the overall records) was taken from this database of team records.  The record displayed was correct, but the winning percentage was incorrect.  Thanks to JHSM on Twitter for catching the mathematical error!

The picture of speed.

The picture of speed.

Georgia plays Clemson in three weeks.  Here’s this week’s good news/Clemson bashing…

Since 1921, Clemson has posted a 46-116-6 record against the SEC.  That’s a healthy .274 winning percentage.  You go, Tigers!

That’s all I got/


If you’ve missed out on any portion of the Clemson Countdown of Insults, the archive is as follows:

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