Way too Early Predictions for the South Carolina, Georgia and the rest of the SEC

Gamecock Guru Johnathan Barnes drops some entertaining Over/Under Predictions.

Every off-season you get these random articles predicting things like the BCS Champs, Heisman Winner, Conference Standings, etc.  They are always months and months before the start of the season though.  Now, here we are…less than a month before USC v. UNC kick off to start the season.  And it is still too early for all of that.  I do, however have some other predictions and over/under’s for each team.


  • Over/Under Targeting (Helmet-to-Helmet) Tackles on Manziel:  4.5
  • Over/Under Mentions of AJ’s girlfriend on DudeYouCrazy:  18.5

DudeYouCrazy officially scores Katherine Webb as a high 7 on a 10-point scale.  But Brent Musburger is praying for an over 18.5...just kidding, he doesn't read this site!

DudeYouCrazy officially scores Katherine Webb as a high 7 on a 10-point scale. But Brent Musburger is praying for over 18.5 mentions…just kidding, he doesn’t read this site!
  • How many games before AJ throws an Interception this year:  9
  • How many times will Saban speak on the “Process”:  30 (once before and after each game and twice during the bowl prep time frame)


  • Over/Under Points Allowed during the Season:  359.5
  • Number of times the QB is sacked before he realizes he should have gone to Bama:  15
  • Number of times Runningbacks have to chase their mother for their LOI:  5


  • Over/Under Points Allowed against Bama:  42.5
  • How many games before they realize they should buy another Cam Newton:  0


  • Over/Under Average Passing Yards per Game:  80.5
  • Over/Under Driskel being sacked v. UGA & USC:  12.5
  • How many games before the rest of the nation realizes Muschamp is not Head Coach material:  0


  • Over/Under Touchdowns allowed in week 1:  5.5
  • Over/Under Touchdowns scored in week 1:  7.5
  • Over/Under Murray passing yards vs. USC:  200.5
  • Over/Under Murray sacked by Clowney:  3.5
  • How many times will Murray’s house be TP’d:  1 (After the USC game… Again.)

Wait… Kentucky has a football team?


  • Over/Under How many times Les Miles loses a game because of poor clock management:  6.5
  • Over/Under Number of Trick Plays:  4.5
  • Over/Under Number of time Les Miles is called the “Mad Hatter”:  0… after the Clemson game he will now be referred to as “Idiot”.
  • Over/Under Number of times Zach Mettenberger “craps his pants”:  0… he doesn’t face Clowney this year

Mississippi State:

  • Will Russell advance as a QB?  Only in the easy games.
  • Will they really use the Pink uniforms?  Yes.  But only because they know the other team will be laughing too much to play.


  • Over/Under Number of times there will be a close of up James Franklin’s “deer in the headlights” face as he is getting sacked:  30.

Ole Miss:

  • Over/Under Number of five star recruits committed by week 6:  4.5
  • Number of recruiting scandal accusations by week 6:  47
  • Number of times Robert Nkemdiche laughs at the UGA/Clemson score because he almost attended Clemson:  10

South Carolina:

  • Over/Under Deaths via Clowney Comin’:  1.5
  • Over/Under Number of passes overthrown or under thrown on the season:  10.5
  • Over/Under Number of times people outside of South Carolina will laugh at “Go Cocks!”:  Unknown
  • Over/Under How many times Connor Shaw will be on the field, but not at QB per game:  4.5

Who cares?

Texas A&M:

  • Over/Under How many times will Johnny Manziel be caught doing something stupid:  2.5
  • Will Johnny Manziel win the Heisman?  No.  He will actually give last years Heisman to Clowney.


  • Over/Under Number of times people say they hate James Franklin each week: 5.5
  • Over/Under Rushing yards this season without Zac Stacy:  500.. or 200. Maybe 50.
  • Who will Vanderbilt beat that they really shouldn’t have:  Tennessee

Johnathan Barnes

About Johnathan Barnes

24 years old. E-Book writer. SC Football article writer. I'm from a small town right outside of Columbia, SC.

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