Georgia plays Clemson in Five Weeks: Who has the coaching edge?

There are a number of ways you could crumble this cookie.

Richt has more wins than Swinney (118 to 40), more wins per season (9.83 to 8) and a higher winning percentage (.747 to .656).  But, Dabo Swinney coached a National Championship team last year…according to Dabo Swinney.

I guess we should take both of these coaches seriously.

I’ve wrestled with the coaching advantage all offseason.  Thankfully SEC and ACC Media Days cleared things up for me.

Here is Georgia coach Mark Richt at SEC Media Days:

And here is Clemson’s fearless leader, Dabo Swinney, at ACC Media Days:

You probably think I photoshopped that.  I didn’t.

Now, I could draw a wide sweeping conclusion about the ACC’s new obsession with photobooths by saying, “If the ACC wants to stop being the butt of every joke in major college football then the ACC should stop being a joke,” but I won’t.

I could go micro on the topic and say, “Now Dabo Swinney looks the way a guy named Dabo Swinney should look,” but where’s the fun in that?

I’ll just give the coaching edge to Georgia.

That’s all I got/


If you’ve missed out on any portion of the Clemson Countdown of Insults, the archive is as follows:

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