Georgia Plays Clemson in 7 Weeks: Count on the Tigers Frolicking

Every college football team has its fair share of traditions.  At least 60% of those traditions are kind of stupid.  I’d guess that 45% of them are downright laughable.  Every fan base, however, loves their own traditions.  Here are a few UGA traditions and my take on them as well as how non-UGA fans probably view them.

  • Glory, Glory: My take – This song is awesome!!!! Outsiders’ take – Doesn’t everyone play this?
  • Silver Britches: My take – If you mess with those pants I’ll kill you.  Outsiders’ take – Who wears britches?
  • Uga: My take – The best mascot in sports.  Outsiders take – Inbred dog who could die any minute.


I’m aware that my team has its fair share or ridiculousness.  So don’t think I’m playing my “More traditioned than thou” card when I say this…

Clemson football players running down a hill is the dumbest tradition in college football.  Period.  Known as “The Most Exciting 25 Seconds in College Football,” this tradition is an insult to every other 25-second time frame in collegiate gridiron competition.  Here is what is wrong with that name and the tradition itself:

  • It is not remotely exciting.
  • It lasts much more than 25 seconds.
  • Who cares about watching highly-trained and finely-tuned athletes jog down a hill?
  • If a baby’s first steps were down this hill and that baby was the medically miraculous spawn of Urban Meyer and Gene Chizik it still wouldn’t be that exciting to watch.

The proper name for the tradition?  The Awkward Frolic Before Clemson Games.

The only exciting part is when someone face plants.  See below.


That’s all I got/



If you’ve missed out on any portion of the Clemson Countdown of Insults, the archive is as follows”



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  1. AthensHomerDawg

    You’re are gettin’ a little edgy there Dude with the comments about outsiders and Georgia Traditions. Softer delivery maybe……hmmm “The Edge… there is no honest way to explain it because the only people who really know where it is are the ones who have gone over.”
    At any rate, Auburn with a lake does not have the dumbest tradition in college football. No they do not. Auburn has the dumbest tradition in college football and it is not close. Throwing hundreds of rolls of toilet paper into trees ( isn’t this a misdemeanor know as toilet papering in Georgia) that ultimately has to be washed off with high pressure hoses that can injure the trees by knocking off foliage, leaves and bark is dumb. Meanwhile hundreds of people trample the root zone under the canopy. Coming from a university where Dr. Odum taught I kinda frown on that. I don’t want to get uppity with the “Father of Ecology” mantra but…….What is it with the state of Alabama and their preoccupation with toilet paper? “Official” toilet paper – that is, paper which was produced specifically for the purpose – dates back at least to the late 14th Century, when Chinese emperors ordered it in 2-foot x 3-foot sheets. ROLLLLLLLLLL TIDE!
    just typin’ h/t Hijo

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