NCAA Football 14 Is Out: Here’s a Live-Blog of Georgia vs. Auburn

NCAA Football 14 came out today.


After a season in which he accounted for 7 rushing TDs, 9 passing TDs and 9 INTs Denard Robinson was the obvious choice for the cover of the game……..

I haven’t picked up the game yet because I’m a grownup and therefore too mature for such things (Psyche! I’m getting that after work).  In any event: here is a first quarter simulation of Georgia/Auburn.


More importantly here is the live-blog.

  • Auburn is 88 overall despite losing 67 games last year.  That makes sense.
  • New jersey numbers for Georgia.  They’re whatever.  I will say they seem extremely black…in a literal sense.  The outline of them seems nonexistent.
  • At the 0:50 mark Aaron Murray does some ridiculous dance that I wish was real.
  • Tim Riggins Chase Vasser is a captain for the Dawgs (1:25).  Much respect.
  • Speaking of captains, Marshall “Captain” Morgan is not kicking under the influence (1:45).  I don’t think.
  • Special Teams still appears to be an issue for the Dawgs (1:55).
  • Chase Vasser is going to dominate this year (2:20).  Vasser 4 Highsmannn.
  • Kirk Herbstreit says that Auburn’s “offense really struggled on this drive.”  I think that was a soundbite recorded specifically for Auburn (3:05).
  • Shocker!  Auburn with a dirty play on a fair catch (3:30).
  • Gurley gets tackled for a loss (4:05).  I told you Gurshall might take a step back!
  • Auburn recovers a BS backward pass/fumble (4:40).  Glory Glory to Ole Georgia/Auburn plays.
  • Auburn QB (I guess it’s sophomore Jonathan Wallace) breaks 1200 tackles before pitching to a running back who waltzes in for a TD (5:45).  Auburn: 7, Georgia: 0.
  • Gurley returns kicks! But he just kneels (Dude’s note: I just had a really hard time spelling “kneel.”) in the endzone (6:45).
  • Gurley runs for 28 yards.  I was kidding about him taking a step back (7:30).
  • Aaron Murray just had four hours to complete a pass (7:45).
  • Rantavious Wooten with the TD catch!  Extra point is good.  (8:20).  Four play, 74 yard drive by UGA.  Typical.  Auburn: 7, Georgia: 7.
  • Amarlo Herrera just did his best Ben Wallace impression (10:05).  He blocked the hell out of a pass.  DEFEEEENNSEEEE.
  • Jonathan Wallace just pitched the ball to the middle of the field into a crowd (11:00).  I hope this is a staple of their offense.
  • Crap.  He just threw a 59-yard TD strike (11:25).  Auburn: 14, Georgia: 7.
  • Aubie the Tiger is doing pushups.  His form is terrible (12:00).
  • Malcolm Mitchell returns this kick (12:18).
  • Where is Keith Marshall?  (13:00)
  • Nevermind.  Todd Gurley just broke an 85-yard run.  This game is completely inaccurate though as he was caught from behind on the one yard-line.  (13:05).  Only Todd Gurley catches Todd Gurley from behind after an 85-yard rumble.
  • There is Marshall.  TD Georgia (13:45).  Auburn: 14, Georgia: 14.
  • Auburn connects on another deep pass down the sideline (14:45).
  • Damian Swann just woke up in time to deflect one.  He’d been getting worked all day (15:05).  I thought that guy should have been MVP of the Capital One Bowl.  There’s no way he regresses from being my favorite returning defensive player with my favorite nickname (Black) to being torched by Auburn.
  • Long TD pass by Auburn (15:25). Dang.
  • The guy playing is controlling Auburn.  This is obviously being played on “Rookie” level.
  • In the most Auburn-like play yet (other than the fair catch interference) Auburn kicks the ball out of bounds (16:30).
  • At the end of the quarter and the end of the broadcast (thankfully) Auburn leads 21-14.



That’s all I got/


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  1. Here’s to “long TD pass by Auburn” being solely a video game construct until the Hogs come off of the rebound. I always want that win, but we need it this year…


    I’m not so sure Morgan wasn’t a little wobbly on that kick, probably still had his sea legs

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