Aaron Murray Improper Benefit Allegations…Read the NCAA’s Letter

We all saw the feel-good story about Aaron Murray showing some love to an elderly Georgia fan last week.  It was pretty cool.

Unfortunately, the 96-year-old woman involved showed Aaron some love in return.  She gave him a kiss on the cheek.  According to an NCAA Notice of Allegations Letter I’ve obtained (or maybe created with MS Paint), that kiss is a violation.

The full letter is below…

Click to Enlarge.

Click to Enlarge.

Be happy that you don’t live under the rule of Mark Emmert.


Update (9:40 AM, July 5, 2013): This is a joke.  Laugh now.

That’s all I got/


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  1. This is a joke, right. An “improper benefit”, that means that a hand-shake, or a pat-on-back is an improper benefit. Those A$$ Clowns at the NCAA have bigger things to take care of like Miami, Oregon,Al-barn,an Florida. The ONLY improper benefit here is that the NCAA even exists and Mark Emmert (a$$wipe)is in charge.

  2. Don’t give the NCAA any ideas, Andrew! 😀

  3. McGarity replied back to the NCAA that Murray is currently on his way to Elberton to return the kiss.

  4. I lol’d

  5. Another cheap attempt to get hits on your website. Congrats I fell for it

    However this website is has become more and more irrelevant and I’m not going forward I will not follow it anymore.

    • I doubt anyone cares. Its called “entertainment” and “fun humor”. You should learn about those words, I promise you will live a much happier life.

    • AthensHomerDawg

      Well, then please move along and “don’t clutter up this thread”. Oh my… now that does sound like something the “Hijo” would post now doesn’t it? My bad.
      Point being The Dude is writing stuff beyond the short “blah, blah, blah. —>followed by a reference to someone else’s post . We have enough of that already. I like this creativity and movement beyond the status quo. ” Are we not entertained?” Now mind you manners least I slip into my Khan persona.

    • Sorry you didn’t enjoy it. You will be missed. I’ve said several times on here I write for two purposes: 1. to inform; 2. to entertain. There’s only so much “information” I can stand as a writer (and I think it’s the same for most of my readers) during the offseason, so I try to have some fun.

      As for readership: I love it. I always want readers on my website – that’s why I write publicly. But if I only wrote for readership numbers I’d take the whole summer off.

  6. McGarity was going to respond to the request… But didn’t want to buy the stamp using the reserve funds…. The stamp did not make fiscal sense

  7. Bulldawg Bill

    OK, you got me!!! Great post! Lighten up you guys!

  8. Can u come with something positive or r u just trying to be cute. This blog is like an abnousious robo call. Done!

    • I thought it was pretty fun. Most of my readers didn’t seem to mind it, but hey – it may not be for everyone. Sorry that you found it to be like an “abnousious robo call.” If I knew what that was I’d be different!!!

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