The Aaron Hernandez File: Guns, Twitter, Ugly T-Shirts and Google

WordPress does a really good job of letting me know how people find my site.  Reviewing the “Search Engine Terms” section of my analytics page is one of the highlights of my day.

Over the past few days I have experienced an inordinate amount of Search Engine Traffic thanks in no small part to Aaron Hernandez.  In the last week the following search terms represent the 10 most common ways folks have found my site through search engines:

  • aaron hernandez twitter
  • why did aaron hernandez kill
  • did aaron hernandez kill
  • aaron hernandex tim tebow
  • aaron hernandez net worth
  • who did aaron hernandez kill
  • oldin lloyd
  • aaron hernandez
  • did aaron hernandez kill that guy
  • why did aaron hernandez kill that guy

In total 202 different search terms and over 800 searches with the word “Hernandez” dropped folks off at my site.  (Side note: my favorite term leading to my site during the last week was “2013 gamecock foot team good.”  Keep crushing the smooth Google searches South Carolina fans!)

So, obviously I am some type of expert.  If you’re joining my “coverage” (and I use that term loosely) here is a recap of my writing on Hernandez:

  • Last Thursday I broached the possibility of Aaron Hernandez being a murderer.  I was confident in his guilt saying, “Aaron Hernandez definitely killed a man.  Probably.”  More importantly, I explored Tim Tebow’s involvement in the murder and drew some conclusions that I have not seen elsewhere.
  • On Friday I asserted that Aaron Hernandez’s odd Twitter stream offered insight into his need to kill.  In short: he killed out of boredom.
  • Lastly, yesterday I wrote the Pretty Little Liars/Aaron Hernandez column that I was born to write.  You’re welcome.
Coogi until proven innocent.

Coogi until proven innocent.

That’s all I got/


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  1. Anyone else notice that this multi-million dollar athlete is rockin’ an iPhone 3?

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