100 Days of SEC Dominance: Day 69 – The SEC Network HQ’s are WHERE?

As a born-and-raised North Carolinian, I can tell you that my state identifies itself with (in no particular order) NASCAR, the world’s finest barbecue, and ACC basketball.  College football allegiances are widespread and variable, with North Carolina taking the cake as the most popular team, albeit to ambivalent fanfare.

With the ACC’s Grant of Rights ending talk of the SEC’s northern expansion into North Carolina and Virginia, the SEC is expanding its brand into the country’s 10th largest state by centering its network in Charlotte, NC.

“Big deal,” you say.

It is.

A state that is seen as fertile recruiting ground for Georgia (both parts of Gurshall, the LeMays), Florida (Chris Leak, Carl Johnson, Brandon Spikes, Xavier Henry), South Carolina (Melvin Ingram, who once decapitated me on a punt return in high school), Notre Dame (Elijah Hood, Kerry Neal), Cal (WTF, but Keenan Allen and a few others through a shady deal with a Greensboro high school coach), and countless others, is now the center of the ultimate publicity tool for the big, bad, dominant, S-E-C.

Oh, and the SEC doesn’t need a Grant of Rights to keep it’s members.

Giving you the business,



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  1. If you think NC has the best BBQ you need your head checked.

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