Did Aaron Hernandez Kill a Guy Out of Boredom? Twitter Shows Insights…

Yesterday I speculated that Tim Tebow was a leading cause in what now appears to be homicide at the hands of Aaron Hernandez.  Now I wonder if there was another reason.  Was Hernandez just bored?

Football-related Twitter Pics are the cooooolest.

Football-related Twitter Pics are the cooooolest.

His Twitter account seems to imply that was the case.  These are direct quotes from the 2013 Aaron Hernandez Tweets Collection:

  • June 7: What y’all got this weekend?
  • June 1: What y’all got this weekend?
  • May 24: What y’all got for memorial day weekend?
  • May 22: need to download some new music…what y’all got?
  • May 18: what y’all got goin this weekend?
  • May 14: what are y’all up to today?
  • May 13: how was everyone’s weekend?
  • May 29: y’all got any good jokes for me?
  • May 8: what yall got goin today?
  • May 3: how’s ur Friday goin?
  • April 30: what’s good Twitter?

The guy sounds like one of two things:

  1. The kid at the lunch table that everybody tries to avoid.  You know, the one who wants to know what everybody is doing this weekend even though he knows he won’t be doing it with them.
  2. A grandmother trying to use Twitter.

Or maybe he’s just bored.  Am I reading too much into this?  Probably, but this calendar year Aaron Hernandez has tweeted just 52 times, so it’s a little bit odd that 11 of those Tweets were of the “Hey, anybody doing anything at all?” variety.

The full break down of his Tweets in 2013:

  • Anybody doing anything? (See above examples): 11
  • Endorsement/Marketing (Check out my Puma’s): 11
  • Inspirational/Stupid Quotes (You know the type): 11
  • Generic Greetings (Good Morning, Happy father’s day, etc.): 6
  • Re-Tweets: 5
  • “tgif”: 1
  • Other: 7

That’s all I got/


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