Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is: Handicapping the Golden Nugget Lines


The Golden Nugget Casino has released its first set of betting lines for the 2013 season, and it is bullish on the Bulldogs.  The Dawgs are favored in each game, by an average of 11 points per. Do note that there is no line on North Texas or App State, because they’re North Texas and App State.

At a quick gander, Alabama is favored in all 10 and Louisville, as they should be, is favored across the board. I’m sure Ohio State is there or close too, but I’ll dive deeper in later. For now, my take on the Georgia lines.

@ Clemson, -3.5: Frankly, I was shocked to see Georgia favored over Clemson, as the initial lines had Clemson -2.5. As Vegas normally adjust 3 points for home-field advantage, the Georgia -3.5 line would indicate that they like the Dawgs by 6.5 on a neutral field.  I can respect that, just didn’t expect it with the defensive turnover.

SC, -4: Expected to be favored by more, honestly. Questions abound for both teams, but Georgia returns more.

LSU, -6: Expected to be favored by less. SIGN OF THE APOCALYPSE: LSU is +2 at Ole Miss.

@ Tennessee, -11: This is one of those games that you bet on if you feel good about it one way or the other, because it’s prone to swing 20 points in either direction.

Mizzou, -18: November rent on the Dawgs, y’all!

@ Vandy, -10: Very similar to the Tennessee line, except Vandy is a better team…but I think they have a much, much lower chance of pulling an upset. Not touching it.

Florida, -4: I like it I like it I like it.  Florida is only favored outright in 6 of 9 games, and one of those 6 is a -6 at Missouri. Another is -2.5 at Miami in front of a Battle of the Bands crowd at noon.

@ Auburn, -15: So Gus Malzahn is worth 23 points? Alright then. Fairly comfortable with the Dawgs.

Kentucky, -29: Take Kentucky. I know they suck, but this is Mark Richt we’re talking about.

@ GT, -9: LOL. The Nugget posted their first quarter line on accident.

I’ll be back later to talk about some non-Dawg lines that jumped out at me.

Giving you the business,


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