Life After Lattimore

Hello, again, Gamecock Nation!

First off, let me congratulate Marcus on his four year deal in the NFL worth about an average of $550,000 a year.  It’s much deserved.  Once a Gamecock, Always a Gamecock.  I hope to see him in a visor on the sidelines after his NFL career.

Moving on.  Unfortunately.

Gamecocks, we were spoiled rotten by having Marcus in the backfield.  After going down with knee injuries, we saw Kenny Miles and Brandon Wilds come in to replace him.  They did very well.  Now that Kenny is gone, we have to look ahead at the competition.

Mike Davis is slated to be the starter when we open the season against the tarholes Tarheels of North Carolina.  I have a feeling “starter” is being used to describe the person getting more carries than the other backs.  Don’t get me wrong, Mike could start the whole game, run circles around Dawgs, Tarheels, Gators, and Tigers all day.  The point is, he does not have to.

The runningback depth chart should be ranked 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, etc.  All of the backs will get their carries.  So let’s examine these backs and their skill sets.  They all catch well out of the back field, so that’ll be excluded from the following.

Mike Davis
Davis is the type of runningback people love.  He doesn’t miss a beat hitting a hole.  He has the strength to run you over, and he has the speed to run from you like the mailman runs from a Rottweiler.  He had limited showings as a pass blocker, so I won’t say whether he is good or bad at that side of the game.

Brandon Wilds
Wilds filled in very nicely his freshman season after Marcus’ first injury, posting multiple 100+ yard games.  He’s taller than average (6’1″ I believe), he’s an okay pass blocker, but he needs work.  He was a freshman though, he’s now had two full seasons of weight training and practicing, so I’m sure he has improved very well.   He’ll get a fair share of carries, so we shall see.

Kendric Salley
Salley had surgery prior to his freshman season, after redshirting last season rehabbing and showing a very nice work ethic, he is back to form.  Kendric has a skill set that is most similar to Lattimore on the depth chart.  He’s maybe a step or two faster, not much wasted space.  I don’t have much to go on aside high school highlights, but look for him to make a splash.

Shon Carson
I would LOVE for Shon to be 100% this season.  He is a homerun threat on every play.  I wouldn’t really say he’s been PLAGUED by injuries, he had a knee injury freshman year, and another injury this past year that kept him out long enough the coaches decided to redshirt him, although he had it burned in the bowl game.  I hope to see him on the field, he’s earned his chance to shine.

Coming Soon…
David Williams & Jamari Smith.
I know everyone loves Williams, and I’m sure he’ll be a great Gamecock.  He has speed.  He has strength.  He can catch.  He was a highly recruited runningback.  Jamari Smith on the other hand, was a three star recruit.  How, I’m not sure.  The guy had 2,800 yards (approximately), in Division 8A Florida ball.  Let me spell that out, A A A A A A A A FLORIDA ball.  That’s incredible.  Maybe it’ll be the next thunder & lightning combination.

Either way, It’s a great time to be a Gamecock!

JB, Signing Off.

About Johnathan Barnes

24 years old. E-Book writer. SC Football article writer. I'm from a small town right outside of Columbia, SC.

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  1. What do I think? I think that if UGA`s D shuts down your running game with a faster D line and LBs your recivers better step up. It`s not forgotten what happened last year in Columbia and Ole Ball Coach or not, the chickens are in for a
    big fight. ok we get it.. Clowney Clowney Clowney. He`s the answer for everything so far.. I guess we`ll see if he can be everywhere at once.

    • We play UGA after they play Clemson on opening day. Like it or not, Clemson will be doing their best to completely crush your very young secondary/defense. Now one week after playing a team that runs 75-90 plays per game, you get to play South Carolina. While we were spoiled with Lattimore, who could find a hole anywhere, our running backs are more than capable of filling his void. If Mike can’t, Brandon will, if Brandon can’t, one of the others will. It will be like playing LSU, a fresh back in on every drive against a very young and worn out defense.

      You are very correct about remembering what happened last year, and yes, it will be a hard fought battle. Between the hedges anything is possible. What will win this game, in my opinion, is who has the ball last. Gurshall will do better this year against us, but I only expect 100-120 yards combined with a touchdown. At this point, it’s hard to make any judgements off anything other than speculation, but our receivers torched you guys last season, the question is, can we do it in Athens.

      Thanks for commenting!

      • Fair points in regards to Clemson. I think it is going to be a high scoring affair personally due to we both have good offenses and alot of questions on defense. However the homerism in me and also comparing last uear stats to NFL losses and current rosters UGA has better talent on paper and we do have a proven y to keep their offense off he field longer with a proven running game. UGA laid an egg last year in Columbia and the setting perfect for what happened. No doubt my hats off to the cocks for playin lights out and the home crowd being nuts however, the tide will be on the dawgs side this time also your reciever corps has been depleted to a point, as to you have no proven deep threat it will definitely be an interesting match up as most have been recently between our two teams

        • Fair points. I have a friend playing WR for you guys now, too. (Jon Rumph). Our receiving corps only lost Ace, which while huge, does not deplete our entire corps. Shaq Roland & Shamier Jeffery have both shown that the light has come on for them. Damiere Byrd is a deep threat all day, he even caught a big one against the Dawgs. Bruce Ellington returns. Our receiving corps, while inexperienced (except Byrd and Ellington), have the skill to produce.

          It’ll be fun no matter what. I can’t wait man.

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