100 Days of SEC Domination: Day 86 – The SEC is Talented

ESPN recent released its list of the “10 Most Talented College Football Teams.”  This is the exact kind of crap that I read during the offseason, as if talent would ever come into play in a football game…Oh wait.

In any event, three SEC teams made the list.  No other conference placed three teams in the top-10.  But you already knew that, didn’t you?

The picture of speed.

The picture of speed.

And, to make matters even more delightfully SEC-ish, all three teams finished in the top-5:

  • Alabama – ranked first: This comes as no shock for college football’s current king of the mountain. The Tide do not have any glaring holes, a result of how well coach Nick Saban and his staff have recruited and developed players.
  • LSU – ranked second: LSU fans might seem spoiled, trying intermittently to run their title-winning coach out of town. But when you delve into the level of talent that arrives and departs on a yearly basis, it makes sense why there would be some unrest and crankiness with last season’s Chick-fil-A Bowl appearance (let alone a loss).
  • Georgia – ranked fifth: This is another sometimes-restless SEC fan base, because the Bulldogs are always close to the top — and they were never closer than in 2012, just a few yards from a national title shot — but are not quite at that elite level.




That’s all I got/



For the rest of the SEC Domination Countdown, go here.

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