Top 3 Early Predictions for the 2013 Florida Gators: One Bold and the Others Certain

One of the best things about the college football preseason is the opportunity to make predictions about your favorite team. Unfortunately these forecasts have a good chance of being inaccurate because lets face it, college football is vastly unpredictable. Each year, however, we find it more difficult to predict the outcome of the season yet we continue to formulate these audacious predictions in hopes that our team will prevail. Being the excessive Gator fan I am (excessive is an understatement), I find it rather tricky to predict their impending season because Florida is good and their potential this year is crazy good. With wins over Texas A&M, LSU, South Carolina, and Florida State, last year’s Gator season was far from a flop even though they did not win an SEC Championship and just missed a trip to the National Championship. Of course, the single-most painful loss from last season was to Georgia in Jacksonville purely because it was Georgia and it cost Florida the opportunity at a SEC Championship appearance. With that being said, here are my top three early predictions for this year’s Florida Gators.

3. 1986 was the last year the Kentucky Wildcats defeated the Florida Gators. Yes, your calculations are correct; that is a mere 26 years since the Wildcats beat the Gators. That is 26 straight wins for the Gators over the Wildcats. This also means five different presidents have served since Kentucky beat Florida in football. Sorry Wildcat fans, but this year will be no different.

Projection: Florida acquired (snatched up) Kentucky’s head coach (I know, he was fired and Muschamp hired him). I also know DudeYouCrazy just dissed the Joker because of his unfortunate attempt at Twitter hashtags and a fake phone called the iJoker. Regardless of these gaffes, I still suggest all people in the state of Kentucky hide their wives and kids because Florida is coming. The Gators will make it 27 straight over the Wildcats, Kentucky fans will continue to not attend football games, and Kentucky will soon become the Sunshine State #2 and the second most popular place in the United States to retire to.

This is bad.  Really, really bad.

This is bad. Really, really bad.

2.  In my opinion, last year’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party Largest Outdoor Sobriety Gala did not live up to its hype relative to previous years. Honestly, I say this because Florida did not win and I am a sore loser when it involves losing to Georgia. So how will Florida fare in this annual battle in Jacksonville?

Projection: Florida will not turn the ball over six times, Georgia will not make it three in a row over Florida, and the Gators will rout the Bulldogs. Yup, I said rout. Oh, and Muschamp will allow The Joker to call the plays once the game gets out of hand. That was for DudeYouCrazy.  (Dude’s note: I’m not saying I agree because I could never agree with a Gaotr, but if you’re going to mention Joker Phillips activities, at least reference them in his dialect.  You meant to say: #TheJokerWillCallPlaysInJax.)

1. It was previously mentioned that Florida has overwhelming potential with this year’s recruiting class, but what about their returning weapons?  Jeff Driskel finished the 2012 season with just under 1700 yards passing and a 63.7 completion percentage, neither of which is exactly mind-blowing. Coming off a solid season as Driskel’s second go-to receiver, Quinton Dunbar ended the year with 36 receptions and 383 yards which ranked second among receivers.

Projection: Florida will regain SEC East power and reclaim the SEC Championship throne. Driskel and Dunbar will develop a magical on-field relationship consisting of multiple 5+ catch games. Dunbar’s touchdown receptions will surpass his team-leading four from last year. Driskel, with the help of Dunbar, Trey Burton, Andre Debose, and Solomon Patton, will eclipse 3000 yards passing by season’s end.

Read them and believe them for the Gators will be sneaky, scary good this year.



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  1. ok time to wake up from dreamworld…comb your mullet and get back to the paper mill

  2. The Kentucky prediction probably isn’t that far off.

    The Cocktail Party however, is a different beast.. regardless of your homerism or mine, we both know this rivalry has almost regained it’ s full passion this game wil be won as last last year close either way and much closer than you think ..turnovers, momentum and limiting mistakes will be key, as who wins the war in the trenches I’ll be surprised if it’s a rout as you gators have the pressure on you now to win more than the dawgs and in the same breath UGA has the pressure of three in a row will mean the tides are officially turning. It’ll definitely be interesting!

  3. A rout of UGA in Jax this year? Not to say the Gators won’t win that game, but you must’ve bumped your head if you think the Dawgs offense will let them get blown out in ANY game this year! And boy is that an optimistic outlook regarding the Gator offense. I’m sure they’ll improve upon the poor showing last year, but I’m kinda doubting any one of their opponents are shaking in their boots worried about Driskell. Thanks for the laugh, though. Go Dawgs!!!

    • Man! Florida will win this game. That Qback y’all have is garbage. I will admit Driskell sucks too, but Murray cannot play under pressure. The only reason he seems to be good to y’all because y’all had decent receivers.

  4. This is the dumbest, homer projection I have read in a long time. Florida will be lucky (damn lucky) to win 8 games this year and I predict not only do the Dawgs make it 3 in a row, the mighty swamp lizards lose to Vandy as well. My 7 year old is better QB than Driskell and you have virtually nothing on the outside for receivers. The defense was just as gutted as ours was by the draft and we have better players and a better DC. Muschamp will once again leave O-for-Jax on November 2.

  5. Dude you’re proving once again that indeed you are crazy. Dawgs make it 3 in a row baby!!!

  6. Voice of reason

    You have to be delusional to think Driskel is anything more than mediocre (and that is already a stretch)

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