100 Days of SEC Domination: Day 91 – I’m Still Not Impressed By Ohio State

Yesterday I mentioned Ohio State’s shortcomings in 2012.  Well, if Ohio State played in the Southeastern Conference and  suffered the same embarrassing close-calls against other SEC teams, here’s what those six close wins would look like:

  • 35-28 Win at home over Auburn (same record as California).
  • 17-16 win over Ole Miss (same record as Michigan State).
  • 52-49 win over Tennessee (one game better than Indiana).
  • 29-22 overtime victory at home over Missouri (one game worse than Purdue).
  • 21-14 win over Mississippi State (half a game better than Wisconsin).
  • 26-21 win over Ole Miss (one game worse than Michigan).

If that was one half of an SEC’s team’s schedule, they’d be subject to ridicule.  Why?  Because if that’s how a team fared week after week against the bottom portion of the league, things would get ugly against Alabama, Florida, Georgia, LSU, South Carolina, Texas A&M and even Vanderbilt.

Click to enlarge.

Click to enlarge.

Oh, and also, the SEC is better top-to-bottom than the Big 10.  So this comparison doesn’t begin to do the situation justice.

That’s all I got/


For the rest of the SEC Domination Countdown, go here.

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  1. In fairness, last year was Meyer’s first season with a sanction riddled Ohio State program. It seems pretty promising for the Buckeyes that they were able to go undefeated during a year that they weren’t expected to compete for anything.

  2. OSU’s 2012 speaks volumes about the quality of play in the B1G. Meyer’s first year at Florida he had a significantly more talented team (which would win the BCS in the following year) and he finished 9-5.

    While OSU lost scholarships, their core starters returned from the previous year and were rewarded with an undefeated schedule. Can’t blame Meyer for making Chicken Salad out of Chicken Shit. Year 1 is tough anywhere outside of the B1G

  3. I disagree with the other comments here. Ohio State had competition comparative to the Mid American Conference (85 wins vs 81 wins respectively). The fact is, the B1G whatever they call themselves now has fallen from grace as a football powerhouse, and if it can be helped they shall never return. The SEC now has a huge advantage in recruiting compared to any other conference, and as long as they keep winning the NCG that won’t change. Goodbye to the days of Michigan glory. Hello to a dynasty that shall not end soon!

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