100 Days of SEC Domination: Day 92 – The SEC’s Competition is laughable

Apparently Ohio State is the biggest threat to the SEC’s current run of dominance.  I don’t know if I believe that nearly as much as I have been told that, but it is by most expectations the case.  And that makes good sense.  After all Ohio State is the team that breezed through their 2012 schedule, except for the following games:

  • A 35-28 home victory against California.  California finished the season 3-9.
  • A 17-16 win over Michigan State.  Michigan State finished the season with an impressive 7-6 overall record.
  • A 52-49 win over Indiana. Indiana finished 4-8 overall.
  • A 29-22 overtime victory at home against Purdue.  Purdue finished 6-7 overall.
  • A 21-14 win over Wisconsin.  Wisconsin finished 8-6.
  • A 26-21 win over Michigan at home. Michigan finished the season 8-5.
Hitting the Buckeyes where it hurts.

Hitting the Buckeyes where it hurts.

So that’s the big threat to the SEC?  Last year’s “impressive” Ohio State team won six games by a total of 30 points against six opponents who combined for 41 losses.  So, in exactly half of Ohio State’s games in 2012, the Buckeyes won by seven or fewer points to teams that finished with five or more losses.  Impressive.

That’s all I got/


For the rest of the SEC Domination Countdown, go here.


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