A Fresh Batch of Gator Frosh, the Muschamp Stare, and Jorts

Brett Goeringer – often known as Florida Brett – has been around for a while.  He was DudeYouCrazy’s best friend growing up, but somehow he ended up being a Florida fan.  Nobody’s perfect.

Hi, my name is Brett and I enjoy long walks on the beach, blind boxing with my cat Weezy, and watching The Bachelor.  But in all honesty none of these pleasurable activities can even compare to my love for THE Florida Gators. Now I know what you all are thinking; I bet this guy is one of those annoying Gator fans that thinks Florida should win a national championship in every collegiate sport. You are absolutely correct in that assumption; I live and breathe Florida Gator sports.

Sadly neither of these guys is Brett. Via.

Sadly neither of these guys is Brett. Via.

I am absolutely honored to be a contributor for DudeYouCrazy, because unlike most of the other contributors, I grew up with the Dude until he relinquished his Oak Ridger status and moved to “The Dirty.” Together, the Dude and I balled on a daily basis and spent countless hours on the Wildcat practice field with DadYouCrazy perfecting our 1 on 1 defensive and 20-yard field goals. I realize this is all unrelated to the Gators, but I just wanted to express how cool I feel for having known the Dude for such a long time. Now back to the Gators…

A Studly Bunch of Frosh

Without a doubt, Florida’s second ranked 2013 football recruiting class is tough to match. Question is can they replace the 14 Gators drafted and signed as undrafted free agents in the 2013? In my opinion it’s truly too early to tell as we are still nearly 100 days from the first coin flip, but with two 5-star commits, 20 4-star commits, and seven 3-star commits I have a strong feeling there will be no problem picking up the slack. The single most important commit Florida was able to snag was definitely the #1 running back in the nation, 5’11’’ 216 lb Kelvin Taylor. If Taylor performs to the hype he’s receiving, I’ll go as far to say QB Jeff Driskel will have a stellar year…but only if Taylor shows out. Driskel is beginning to look a lot like John Brantley and the only cure for that problem is more cowbell a running back that will take the pressure off him.

His Stare Will Burn a Hole through Ya

After entering “The Muschamp Stare” into your Google machine the results are entertaining. (Go ahead, take a minute and do it. You’ll thank me later.) Now honestly tell me your coach is better than ours. Liars. The critically acclaimed ‘Muschamp Stare’ received so much attention last year it was given its own Facebook page and Twitter handle. Our coach is better than yours.

Jeans + Shorts = Jorts

Seriously, who doesn’t own a pair of jorts? For years, Florida fans have been ridiculed by every other SEC team for their love of tightly fitting, hemmed or cutoff jorts. For this reason alone, I promise to include something about jorts in each contribution I make to DudeYouCrazy.

With all this being said, I am extremely jacked about this season of SEC football and more importantly the Florida Gators. I will have more analysis and less talk in later posts.

Holler and GB,



About gatorbg33

Born and raised in TN. Not much of a writer until recently. Live and breathe Florida Gators football and basketball. Contributor for DudeYouCrazy.net

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