Georgia Plays Clemson in 14 Weeks, So Just How Crazy is Dabo Swinney? This video says he’s pretty darn crazy.

If you’re a regular around these parts you’ve probably noticed a few new faces.  First and foremost: read their stuff.  I realize that the Georgia faithful may not love the South Carolina, Texas A&M and even ACC coverage floating around thus far.  But, keep in mind, the more you know about an opposing team the more you can insult them.  Along those lines the inspiration of this post came from new South Carolina contributor Johnathan Barnes.

Please watch this video and follow along with the live-blog.

0:08 – The interviewer has never had a coach “pick her up in the air and hug her like that.”  1. How did cameras not capture that?  2. Wait wasn’t this following the Chick-Fil-A Bowl?  Don’t get me wrong; I like the Chick-fil-A Bowl.  As a Metr0-ATLien I’ve been several times and it’s more enjoyable each and every time.  But that bowl draws the SEC’s 5th best team if memory serves.  Chill out Dabo.

0:20 – It’s been 31 years since anyone really thought Clemson was any good since we’ve won 11 ball games at Clemson.

0:23 – “They fought EVERY FRICKIN’ PLAY.”  Can we assume that it’s been 31 years since Clemson played hard every play?

0:31 – “They played with a lot of love and toughness.”  That needs to be Clemson’s new slogan.  Clemson Football: A New Brand of Tough Love.

0:45 – “It’s great to be a Clemson Tiger.  A CLEMSON Tiger.”  Thank you for clarifying, Dabo.

0:58 – Reporter asks, “You’re emotional right now.  What are you emotional about?”  Dabo’s answers, “Blah, blah, blah This is a National Championship team.”  Wait….What?  No wonder Dabo is crying!  His team is supposed to be winning the National Championship and somehow he and his players all flew back from winter Vacation and didn’t realize that they were supposed to get on a connecting flight in Atlanta.  They just assumed that since the plane had landed they were there.  They got of the plane, found some taxis and said “We’re here for the bowl game,” and didn’t ask any more questions.  DABO SWINNEY IS EMOTIONAL BECAUSE HIS TEAM PLAYED THE WRONG BOWL GAME!!!  THEY WERE SUPPOSED TO BE BEATING NOTRE DAME, BUT INSTEAD THEY BEAT LSU IN THE WRONG CITY ON THE WRONG DAY IN THE WRONG GAME.  THAT’S WHY HE’S EMOTIONAL DAGGUM IT!!!

1:12 – “I’ve been telling them, you’re at the doorway of greatness.”  That doorway was also in Miami this year, but don’t ruin this for Dabo.

1:15 – 1:44 – I can’t stop laughing.  Clemson Tigers = LOL Cats.

Dabo Swinney loves rock. Via.

Dabo Swinney loves rock. Via.

If you’ve missed out on any portion of the Clemson Countdown of Insults, the archive is as follows”

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