Root for the Memphis Grizzlies Today: It’s the SEC-est Thing to Do

Jake Sapp is a long-time “friend of the program” so to speak.  Being an Athens, Georgia native has taught him a deep love for the Georgia Bulldogs but he will also stop by often to expound upon more diverse topics.  The resident professional sports expert, Jake will cover a bit of everything.


In my grand debut (or return as it may be) as a member of the DudeYouCrazy team I’ve decide to get real crazy with it.

The NBA is a passion that isn’t shared by most of my SEC brethren. With it’s reputation of it being a “look at me league” and defensive prowess equivalent to a Georgia Tech linebacker. I urge readers to give the playoffs a fresh look. More specifically I want to give you guys a team to root for, A dog in the fight. The Memphis Grizzlies are a team you can stand behind for the following reasons:


1. They’re an actual basketball team.

When I watch a basketball game I like watching the game I grew up playing. A point guard, two wing players, and two posts. In todays NBA it’s not uncommon to see a team run with four guards and a finesse excuse of a post player, just four guys around the three point line waiting for their shot. Where’s the fun in that? As a fan I want to see genetic freaks colliding in the paint for points, rebounds, and just because they can.

Thats where the Grizz come in, between Marc Gasol and Zach Randolph you’re looking at roughly 529 pounds and 14 feet of height, when you see them on the court it’s clear who the post players are. Along with that, Mike Conley has had a sort of coming of age during these playoffs and is a great example of a skilled point guard. On the wings you have Tony Allen and Tayshaun Prince, athletes who make there place on the team playing lock down defense. (although Tayshaun can still get nasty with it.) Memphis is a team that just makes sense when you watch them.



2. They’re our chance for the rest of the country to continue hating the south.

Nothing is better than a team below the Mason Dixon winning a championship. Let’s face it Miami, Florida is not apart of the south. When Miami wins it’s like the yankees winning, just giving guidos a reason to buy another flatbill.  You can root for this team and chant S-E-C.


3. They’re relatable.

When I watch the Grizzlies play I see a fine tuned YMCA pick-up team. You have the kind of fat guy who always surprises you with how athletic and good of a scorer he is (Zach Randolph).  You have the big sweaty guy just dying to box you out and get way to physical (Marc Gasol)  [Dude’s Note: I saw the Grizzlies play the Warriors last year in Oakland, and Marc Gasol looks hungover. All the time.].   The gym rat who can make a play out of anything (Mike Conley).  The guy who makes all the right moves but always passes up the big shot (Tayshaun Prince). Lastly you have the guy who takes defense way too seriously and is only fun to play with when he’s on your team (Tony Allen).

We’ve all played with those guys, those are the guys that make pick-up basketball. Those are the guys that make the Memphis Grizzlies.


4. They’re not LeBron James 

In a league dominated by stars it’s refreshing to watch a team lacking a superstar, instead just a group of hard nosed basketball players.

So in this season with football and meaningful baseball so far away I say check out the NBA playoffs, it makes a heck of a lot more sense that hockey. If you need a dog in the fight to make it enjoyable, take a look at the guys in Memphis.

Go Sports,

Jake Sapp


About jakesapp

Georgia Native passionate about UGA Football, Atlanta Braves baseball, the NBA, and the NFL.

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  1. Is it September yet?

    I have been a Spurs fan for 23 years so I appreciate the true form of basketball. As you say, Memphis plays the style similarly and I respect them. However, the Spurs also could be considered an ‘SEC NBA’ team since A & M joined. Ha.


  2. true that, so rooting for a team from the west is now rooting for the SEC!

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