Georgia Extends Scholarship Offer to Massive Child Brodarius Hamm: Bro Puns and Comparisons to Me Ensue

According to ESPN Insider, Georgia has extended a scholarship offer to 6-foot-3, 292 lb. Broadarius Hamm. A few things that should stand out:

  • Bro’s name is Brodarius.  With a name like that, he’s got to be a pretty cool bromo sapien.
  • Brodarius is the brototype for a lineman: he’s huge!
  • Brodarius just turned 15 in January.  So he’s something of a brotégé .

So if he’s currently 15 and is 6-foot-3, 292 lbs. just how big is he going to get?  Let’s compare him to a tremendous 15-year-old athlete of the past (me) and assume that he grows at the same rate.

It’s not terribly difficult to project Brodarius to finish up at nearly six feet, six inches in height.

Click to enlarge.

Click to enlarge.

Things get really interesting when you start projecting the guy’s weight when scaled to me.  If he follows my lead, he could be over 500 lbs. some day!

Eat to enlarge.

Eat to enlarge.

That’s all I got/


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  1. I don’t know bud, I stopped growing at 14. It is really variable for everyone. He may only grow a few more inches and not gain more than 50 pounds.

  2. I enjoy reading your blog, it’s more insightful than most. If you’re impressed with Hamm you should check this other freshman out. Ben Cleveland is 6’7 315 and runs a 5.0 40. He’s from Toccoa GA, about an hour NE of Athens, and he already has offers from a few major programs including Florida and Clemson. The kid grew up a Georgia fan, but if the dawgs drag their feet they’re going to end up losing a big time prospect. This might be an interesting topic to bring up on your blog during these slow months.

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