Georgia Plays Clemson in 19 Weeks: Here’s Your Weekly Clemson Insult

On two occasions I have run long-term “Insult Countdowns” leading up to big Georgia games.  The Bulldogs are 1-1 in such games, but Richt’s boys are riding a one-game winning streak, so I feel obligated to keep going.

In 2011 I did 26 days of Boise BashingIt did not turn out well.  In 2012 I did a 25 week countdown to the Georgia/Missouri game in honor of the Tigers’ first SEC game.  It turned out gloriously.

I’m going to stick with the weekly format as that format is 1-0.  And, I’m going to countdown to the game against Clemson, because I’m 1-0 in counting down to games against Tigers.

If you haven’t followed these articles before, here is what you need to know:

  • This is intended to be light-hearted.
  • The majority of what I saw will be in jest.
  • Some of it won’t even be true.

 So let’s get to it…


Georgia plays Clemson in 19 weeks, this week it is important for you to know that Clemson is named after the school’s founder, a guy named Clem, and the three pillars upon which the university was established: Shivalry, Onor and Nowledge.  Yes, all three pillars are misspelled, but what kind of name would Clemchk be anyway?

File:Clemson University Seal.svg


That’s all I got/


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  1. hmmm, What’s your source for all that?

  2. Back in ’77 when Clemson upset us 7-6 they tore up the Hedges. I won’t ever forget the plant carnage. Probably ate the branches and leaves on the bus home

  3. Too bad English privet is not poisonous

  4. In1984 Clemson hosted Georgia in football as the two teams tied. I was in a fraternity at CU and was glad to host our fellow Georgia fraternity members. We fed them, housed them, and treated them as we would our own brothers. I’ll never forget my stocked cooler going missing only to catch a group of Georgia fraternity members, after having rolled out the red carpet for them, intentionally attempting to steal it and its contents- how both embarassing and disappointing. I’m sorry to say to this day that the Georgia fan base is, in general, the most offensive and classless of which I know; this includes University of SC fans! Of the 20 diehard UGA fans I know well, more than half are total just plain obnoxious inconsiderate offensive.
    Clemson fans (generally) take pride in treating other fans with selflessness. Georgia fans seem to relish making opposing fans feel unwelcome and uncomfortable. I hope that you Georgia fans will evolve a little in the future and realize how ridiculous you are viewed by other fan bases that get it.

    • A couple of thoughts:

      1. Clemson did not host Georgia in 1984. The two teams did not tie in 1984. One of the greatest games in Sanford Stadium history took place in 1984. Clemson was up 20-6 at the half before Georgia rallied and Kevin Butler connected on a field goal from 60 yards out to give the Bulldogs a 26-23 win.

      2. So, I’m assuming the story you are telling happened in 1983. The specific date is probably inconsequential as you seem to be harboring some deeply seeded animosity that is based on some fraternity brothers stealing beer 30 years ago. Unfortunately, that probably happens in every major college town in the country every single week. I bet somewhere in Clemson, SC a kid is drinking a beer he didn’t pay for this very minute.

      3. You can call Georgia fans offensive, classless, obnoxious and inconsiderate all you want. You are entitled to any opinion you like, but you’d be hard-pressed to find many others that agree with you. I write quite a bit about SEC football (both here and elsewhere) and I think this is the first time I’ve ever heard those complaints. Are Georgia fans notoriously over-confident about their team? Yes. Are Georgia fans – particularly students – often the last people to show up for games and the first to leave? Yes. But are Georgia fans as a whole classless, inconsiderate, offensive or obnoxious? No.

      4. I’d encourage you to move on and give Georgia fans another chance. I know I’m looking forward to having some fun with Clemson fans.

      • My bad on the date error. No I am not harboring anything- maybe I just happen to know a Georgia fan base sample that is unrepresentative of the overall Georgia fan base. As a positive,I am encouraged by your “looking forward to having to fun with Clemson fans”.

      • BTW, I by chance just read this on and have pasted it here to reinforce a previous point. This was posted tonight (Aug 7 2013). The poster is challenging other CU fans to treat Georgia fans with class. FTR- Clemson, for sure, has its share of embarrassing fans just like UGA or any other school, but this guy has it right:

        I vividly remember a UGA game in the early 80’s that the Tigers won . Everyone around me was going ” nice game”, “well fought”, “hope you enjoyed your visit to Death Valley”
        One lady from UGA came up to me and thanked me , saying that she had never seen such hospitality. How many of you are willing to do that come 8/31 ? Respect the house and be gentlemen and gentlewomen .

        GO TIGERS

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