This Week in CBS Sports Auctions: A Disgraced Ohio State Buckeye

This is my new favorite part of the week.  Two weeks ago I lost out on a jersey worn by my childhood friend Jake Vane while he played at Alabama.  Last week I offered readers the opportunity of a life time.  How can I top that?  Let me try…

This week a game-worn jersey autographed by former Ohio State Buckeye Ray Small is up for auction.  What’s the big deal?  Who cares about Ohio State?  The big deal is that Ohio State football players are now synonymous with selling things – rings, jerseys, memorabilia – for benefits – tattoos, cars, etc.  One of the players who claims to have done those things?  Ray Small.

Small notoriously told ESPN, “They have a lot of dirt on everybody.  ‘Cause everybody was doing it.”

For all we know, we’re bidding on the very jersey that got Ray Small a discounted car lease.  That’s big.


That’s all I got/



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  1. Steve_Not_Chad

    Can I have it?

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