Pro Day Reaction: Status Quo for Jones and Ogletree, John Jenkins Jumps Only 8 Inches…Reportedly

Georgia’s Pro Day yesterday was largely uneventful.

Jarvis Jones was disappointing according to some reports, but I’m not sure that was necessarily the case.  Certainly had he run in the 4.6 range and repped 30 bench presses his stock would have risen, but it’s hard to say that his stock was truly hurt by his performance.  Scouts appreciate Jones for his total athletic package – and that includes things like his motor and his use of leverage.  Those types of qualities don’t show up on cone drills.  But if you watched him in the drills that involved less formulaic movements and an actual football, you saw a glimpse of his true skill set.

The same can be said for Alec Ogletree.  I don’t think he blew scouts away, but in an odd way I think his topless running in 40 degree weather might have been a good move.  Ogletree is chiseled and packed with dense hardened muscle – the type of muscle that seems like it’s been around for decades.  It’s hard not to be impressed by the specimen that he is. No homo.

A few less heralded prospects had the best overall days…

Branden Smith ran an unofficial 4.38 40 on a day that saw every body ran slow.  He added a 10 foot, 8 inch broad jump and a 34 inch vertical.  He just might have worked his way into the draft.

Richard Samuel IV showed up looking like a color blind version of the Incredible Hulk.  He pushed 23 reps of 225 lbs. on the bench, registered a 36.5 vertical, a 10-5 broad jump and a 4.56 time in the 40.

Final Note: For a good laugh read the John Jenkins write-up here, and ponder what an 8-inch broad jump looks like.  Obviously this is a typo, but it’s almost hard for me to jump and not land more than 8 inches further ahead.

That’s all I got/


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