March Madness Mastery Update: Day 1 Recap

If I need to tell you this, you probably shouldn’t be watching March Madness, but…This is a Day 1 recap, not a recap of the First Round.  Accordingly, don’t get too excited or too upset if you think you’ve won or lost the Round 1 Prize – a Bumper Sticker.


The Games:

What started off as one of the more boring opening days in Tournament history got rocking when some nerds started playing good hoops.  Harvard upset New Mexico, Cal took down UNLV and Davidson scared the tar out of Marquette before deciding to not play defense as they clung to a one-point lead with six seconds remaining.

As expected, the higher-seed won the following games:

  • #1 Louisville beat #15 North Carolina A&T
  • #8 Colorado State beat #9 Missouri (thanks for coming to the SEC, Tigers!!!)
  • #4 Saint Louis beat #13 New Mexico State
  • #6 Memphis beat #11 St. Mary’s
  • #3 Michigan State beat # 14 Valpo
  • #1 Gonzaga beat # 16 Southern University
  • #6 Arizona beat #11 Belmont
  • #5 VCU beat #12 Akron
  • #4 Michigan beat #13 San Diego State
  • #4 Syracuse beat #13 Montana
  • #6 Butler beat #11 Bucknell
  • #3 Marquette beat #14 Davidson



Upsets, baby!!!!!!!!!!

  • #12 Oregon beat #5 OK State
  • #9 Wichita State beat #8 Pittsburgh
  • #14 Harvard beat #3 New Mexico
  • #12 Cal beat #5 UNLV


March Madness Mastery Standings:

  1. “da_prince of DAWGS nation” is proving to be hoops royalty with 14 correct picks and sole possession of first place on the leaderboard.  He’s in the 99.6 percentile nation wide with 14 correct picks for 140 points.
  2. At 130 points “wgarland1 1” is tied with “ANDY7956 1” who appears to be yelling, “Syyyyyracuuuuuuuse!” who appears to be a big Georgetown fan and “Sgcarpenter03 1” who is married to one of my friends and used to share a room with my wife before I did.  “wgarland” has the most possible points remaining, while “Sgcarpenter” is really hurt by picking New Mexico to play in the National Championship game.
  3. 18 people are then tied with 120 points.


A few notes:

Only one entry has already seen it’s National Champion pick eliminated.  My condolences, “dakota043622 5”.  There’s always next year for the New Mexico Lobos.


12 over 5 Thing:

There is always a 12 over 5 upset in round one, so people always take stabs at it.  We had two yesterday which doesn’t seem to indicate anything favorable for those who picked a 12/5 upset today.  So sorry Ole Miss fans.


Keep watching, keep tweeting (use the March Madness Mastery hashtag #MMM so people think you’re moaning) and check back late tonight or early tomorrow for the latest standings.  A tweet-off may be in order.


That’s all I got/




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