Pro Day Live Blog

I’m at work today; not at Pro Day in Athens.  But I’ll keep you in the loop on the news…

11:28 AM – Marky Mark is getting interviewed.  He is not going pro.

11:03 AM – In general Jarvis Jones is looking mediocre today. 4.85 40, 30.5 vertical, 9-3 broad jump, 7.45 3-cone, 20 reps on bench.

10:59 AM – John Jenkins is working out in Spanx.

10:49 AM – Rex and ROb Ryan are both in attendance.  Who cares?

10:43 AM – Earlier Jarvis Jones limped through his first 40.

10:41 AM – Richard Samuel IV is huge.  Branden Smith is wearing white tights.  He runs a 4.41.  Impressive.

10:38 AM – Rambo also running topless.  He hits a 4.59 unofficially.  Ogletree struggled in the 4.8 range.  Christian Robinson looks like Drake and ran a 4.91.  I think we have slow timers out today.

10:36 AM – Alec Ogletree is running topless. No homo.

10:30 AM – David Pollack is live on the scene with some dude named Tom Hart.  They appear to be chatting about Georgia’s three potential first-round defenders: Jarvis Jones, Alec Ogletree and John Jenkins but the sound on ESPN3 isn’t working.  In related news, you can almost see the church I used to park at for free when I was a student at UGA in the background.  Jarvis Jones is eating a banana.

For Starters:

Here is the list of participants from Georgia:


  • Marlon Brown
  • Tavarres King
  • Richard Samuel IV


  • Sanders Commings
  • Kwame Geathers
  • Mike Gilliard
  • John Jenkins
  • Abry Jones
  • Jarvis Jones
  • Alec Ogeltree
  • Bacarri Rambo
  • Christian Robinson
  • Branden Smith
  • Cornelius Washington
  • Shawn Williams

Special Teams:

  • Ty Frix
  • Jamie Lindley

Additionally, Mark Richt’s son, John is participating.  Jon started his career at Clemson before finishing at D-II Mars Hill College.

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  1. Jarvis running that time doesn’t surprise me, watching him when he was playing, I could tell he was definitely not straight line fast, at least for 40 yards. He’s quick up the field put you definitely don’t want to rely on him to run someone down from behind. Do you think his draft status is hurt more now because of his pro day and after the news of the spinal concerns?

    • I think a great Pro Day would have kept him in the top 5-7. I think he’ll go 10-15 range, but I’m not sure that I can say the Pro Day “hurt” him. Most scouting reports I read mention two things: his motor and his leverage. The drills don’t shed much light on those aspects.

      • Yeah I could see him being in the 10-15 range as well and not slipping that much farther. He is definitely a “put on the tape” kind of player. Never expected him to blow up the drills.

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