Win Football Tickets with the DudeYouCrazy March Madness Mastery Contest

The Inaugural March Madness Mastery is a contest designed to keep college football fans from going absolutely nuts during the offseason and to culture college basketball fans in the ways of real sport.  Most importantly, however, it is a way for us all to be competitive, shun work and have some fun.  Here are the rules as I deem them as Commissioner of the March Madness Mastery Contest:

  1. Sign up with and join the group here.  Use the password: SECspeed
  2. Your entry’s name must somehow reflect your favorite college FOOTBALL team.
  3. You can make only one bracket per sign-in but if you really have the time in your life to create more than one login and create more than one bracket, all the power to you.
  4. The brackets will be scored by ESPN.  The only tie-breaker for the grand prize will be the projected point score for the Championship game.
  5. Ties within a given round will be settled via a Tweet-off, in which all parties who are tied at the end of the round have 48 hours to compose a single Tweet mentioning @DudeYouCrazy and using the hashtag #MMM for March Madness Mastery.  The tweet that receives the most retweets will win.  Subject matter is up to you.
  6. In the event of an end-of-round tie (as described above), I will make an effort to notify all tied parties, but be mindful that the scores are constantly posted on, so you can just look there.  Also be mindful that the tweet-offs will be going on while games are being played.  There is no stoppage of action.
  7. I will give out prizes based on the scores.

Here are the End of Round prizes you can expect:

  • Round 1: Top scorer/tweeter gets a Oval Bumper Sticker.  Fo freeee.
  • Round 2: Top scorer/tweeter gets a Oval Bumper Sticker  and an inspirational poem from the Dude.
  • Round 3: Top scorer/tweeter gets a Bumper Sticker and an Olympic-sized handball with a forged signature from the athlete of your choice.
  • Round 4: This is where it gets good.  Top scorer/tweeter will receive an autographed photo of Ryan Leaf, just like the one featured prominently on the Dude’s Wall of Shame (where Leaf is joined be NBA dumpsters Michael Olowokandi and Kwame Brown).
  • Round 5: Top scorer/tweeter will receive two tickets to watch his/her favorite college team play in the fall and a t-shirt.  He will also get to write about “what it means to be a champion” on the website.

Here are the runner-up prizes:

  • Second place will receive a tshirt, a bumper sticker and the chance to publish one post on the site on “What I should have done differently in life and on my bracket.”
  • Third place finisher will receive a tshirt and bumper sticker and the right to say, “third place isn’t quite second.”

Email any questions regarding the game to

That’s all I got/


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