This Post is Graphic: Georgia Basketball NCAA Tournament Bound?

Heading into their final game of the regular season against Alabama today, the Bulldogs seem to have had a pretty straight-forward campaign this year.  They’re 15-15.  They’ve won as many as they’ve lost.  Seems easy enough, right?  The graph below says so.

Click to enlarge.

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But Georgia’s really been all over the place.  After opening the season 1-0, the Dawgs saw their winning percentage dip as low as .200 before it rebounded back to .521 and hovered just below .500 for most of the latter half of the year.

Click to enlarge.

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But what I find most intriguing is Georgia’s streakiness.  This graph shows the Dawgs’ 30 games as 13 “streaks” of either consecutive wins or consecutive losses.  To be fair, six of the “streaks” are individual games, but each of the other seven (save for the current two-game streak that is unfinished) has consisted of at least three consecutive wins or three consecutive losses.  The HoopDawgs move with momentum.

Click to enlarge.

Click to enlarge.

Now, if you study these streaks you see something interesting here.  Georgia’s first “significant” winning streak (greater than 1 game) saw the Dawgs win four games.  They followed that up with three losses, one win and one loss.  That gave way to their second “significant” streak which was followed by the same pattern of three losses, one win, one loss and another “significant” streak.

What if that is a pattern?  What if the Dawgs are now so self-aware that they are patterning themselves as follows: Significant streak, lose three, win one, lose one, Significant streak + 1, lose three, win one, lose one, Significant streak + 2.  If that’s the case, then this breed of intelligent and maddening Bulldog is due for a winning streak of six.  Two games in, we would assume the third win would come today.

If Georgia were to pick up that third win and get a little help (Tennessee needs to lose to Mizzou and Arkansas needs to lose to A&M), the Dawgs could steal the sixth seed in the SEC Tourney.  If that happened, their presumed fourth win would occur on Thursday in the second round of the SEC tourney (they’d get a bye for round one).  The Bulldogs’ fifth win of the streak would be in the quarterfinal round on Friday.  The coveted and yet unreached sixth consecutive win would be in the semifinal round next Saturday.

The Bulldogs would then be 19-15 and headed to the SEC Championship Game.  Then they just need a little luck to reach the Big Dance.

Stranger things have happened.

That’s all I got/


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  1. I need clarification: Is the fact that I think this will happen what MAKES me Dawgs fan? Or does me being a Dawgs fan MAKE me think this will happen? I’ve been thinking this since the win over Tennessee…

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