The Aaron Murray Trick Shot Video, Murray’s NFL Future, Grantham’s Defense and Each UGA Coach as a Bottle of Bourbon

With such an overwhelming response (six emails) to my first ever Mailbag, I had to limit the number of questions appearing today.  That’s a good problem to have, I guess.  In any event, I’m publishing five submitted questions (sucks to be the one other guy who submitted a question, right John?) and my responses.


Rick G.:

Dude, where is the Aaron Murray Trick Shot Video?

This Aaron Murray Trick Shot Video (hereafter: AMTSV) thing is getting ridiculous.  Murray and some of his big OL buddies (Watts Dantzler, Austin and Huinter Long, etc.) have been teasing us with this video for weeks.  We knew they were filming.  We knew it was made to out-do Johnny Manziel.  We were promised the video on Monday.  The AMTSV might or might not have shown up briefly here, but now it’s gone.  All we’re left with is the Outtakes video posted below.

To say people are curios is an understatement.  I Tweeted the other day that Carmen San Diego wanted to know where in the world the AMTSV was.  That wasn’t a joke.  Reports have confirmed that Waldo is looking for the dang thing.

I’m calling on the real star of the outtakes – Watts Dantzler – to give us answers!


Alan M.:

If you had to compare each of UGA’s coaches to a bottle of bourbon, what brand would each be and why?

Finally, an easy question. Let’s hit the big three…

Mark Richt: Woodford Reserve – You can’t describe Richt without using the word “reserved” and you can’t say Woodford Reserve without using the word “reserve,” so the similarities start early.  I like Richt and I like Woodford.  I’ve toured the Woodford Distillery and was overwhelmed by the quaintness of their process.  Richt continues to amaze in an equally unassuming way.  At the end of the day Woodford Reserve is a fine, go-to bourbon.  It gets the job done, it’s classy, it’s recognized by most as high quality.  Sounds a whole lot like Marky Mark to me.

Mike Bobo: Mike Bobo is a bottle of Evan Williams Single Barrel Bourbon.  No doubt about that.  When you buy a bottle of Evan Williams Single Barrel, you’re taking a risk.  Any single barrel bourbon is prone to the lack refinement that a blending process would yield.  Sometimes the bottle is great, sometimes not so great.  That inconsistency is magnified when you apply it to such a middling Bourbon class as Evan Williams.  It can be fantastic; it can be terrible.  This year Bobo killed it (in a good way) like a late 1990’s bottle of the Evan Single.  Other years he’s been disappointing, like a 2002 bottle.

Todd Grantham:  Jim Beam White Dog – Todd Grantham is rough around the edges.  He ain’t for everybody.  He might not even be done maturing yet.  He’s Jim Beam White Dog – the stuff that ain’t quite ready to sell yet.  You could let this guy age a bit and see what happens, or you could take a swig now; it’ll set fire to your innards.


Roc N.

Why didn’t Murray go pro?  Seems like he coulda gone first round.

I doubt Murray would have slipped up into the first round unless his Combine and Pro Day workouts were as awesome as the Trick Shot Video that we may never see.  This is a relatively week QB class, but I think teams are seeing guys like Russell Wilson who are drafted later and still making an impact and seeing that as a viable way to get throwers.  It’s happened to running backs already, and with more and more spread and timing oriented read-option offenses, I think we’ll see more good/starting QBs drafted later.  Murray is a heck of a risk for a GM as a first round pick, as a third round pick he’s a more than capable backup who can work his way up.

In addition to loving the University of Georgia, I think Murray stayed to eliminate some of his downside.  If he can reduce INTs and improve on completion percentage while being in a national spotlight, then maybe he could work into the second or even first round in 2014.  You never know.  And, I think he has enough of a track record through three seasons to protect himself from completely disappearing from NFL boards.

And I think he stayed so that he could not show us his Trick Shot Video.


Justin L:

Can we do a DudeYouCrazy Harlem Shake Video?

I’ve never met you, Justin.  But if we ever meet remind me and yes, we can do that.  In the meantime pray that the Harlem Shake videos aren’t still popular by the time we meet.


Jeremy M:

Since our defense didn’t perform to expectations last year, do you think we will see a drastic change this year?

Drastic will certainly define the changes this year – even if only from a personnel standpoint.  There’s been a massive overhaul.  As I watched NFL Combine coverage two things stood out regarding Georgia’s defense:

  1. So many players from that defense are gone.
  2. So many of those players have real NFL Futures ahead of them.

John Jenkins was a top performer at his position in the bench press; he could go first round.  Alec Ogletree has undeniable upside despite a poor combine and off-the-field record; he should still go first round.  Cornelius Washington blew people’s minds with his athleticism and is now expected to go in the third round or even the second.  Shawn Williams was one of the strongest and fastest safeties at the event.  Bacarri Rambo just stopped by to get measured and still left scouts with a positive impression.  Sanders Commings showed blazing speed and rose up boards.  Abry Jones and Kwame Geathers should be drafted.  Oh and the top talent of all is Jarvis Jones – who just showed up and smiled.  Combine those guys with folks like DudeYouCrazy Chief Bachelor Correspondent Christian Robinson and Michael Gilliard who may be perceived as undersized but will get NFL shots, and you see really quickly how good last year’s defense should have been.

But it wasn’t.  And there are only two groups of people you can blame for that underperformance: the players and the coaches.  At this point we don’t have a definitive answer, but the inconsistency on the defensive side seems to lend itself to poor focus by the players.  Did Todd Grantham decide to coach hard for the Florida game, but not some other early season games?  I doubt it.  But Shawn Williams lit a fire under players and got results.

In that regard, I have confidence that the problem was not the coaching staff.  And by that same note I have confidence in this year’s players.  All last year guys like Jones, Ogletree, Williams, Rambo and Jenkins heard about how great the 2011 defense was, and they heard about how great the NFL would be in 2013.  As a result they lost focus at times in 2012.

All this year’s defense is hearing is how badly last year’s squad underperformed and how this year is going to be even worse.  The Dawgs have a lot of talent coming back and wanting an opportunity to shine.  These low expectations could pay big dividends in the Fall.


Bonus Question:

Jeremy M. asks and answers his own question:

You know how I know you’re gay?  My twitter feed explodes with #bachelor from ya.


Alas, Jeremy can’t quit me.  He’s still a follower.


Thanks to all who wrote in, and my apologies to John C. who wrote almost the same question as one I answered.


That’s all I got/



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  1. That’s a lot of laughs and potential ACL injuries.

  2. That’s a lot of laughs and potential ACL injuries

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