Sex, War, Law, Art and George Washington: A Tribute to Damn Good Dawg

Way back in 2006 and 2007 I was a punk college kid at UGA who cared a little too much about college football.  I started reading blogs like Hey Jenny Slater, Deep South Sports (both now largely – if not entirely –  defunct) and DawgSports.  I went to Hey Jenny Slater for my laughs and “where did that come from?” needs.  I went to DSS for insights into great stories like Matthew Stafford’s keg lift.  I went to DawgSports for a solid, well-written, well-intended and well-informed perspective on the Georgia Bulldogs.  To this day it is the first Blog I read everyday.  T. Kyle King is the reason why.  T. Kyle recently announced his resignation from his post atop the DawgSports Community, and by way of tribute I have decided to humor him and the challenge he laid forth here.  In short: I am to write a blog post using the following completely unrelated terms:

  • Georgia Washington
  • The Battle of Toulon in the War of Austrian Succession
  • Charlotte York MacDougal Goldenblatt
  • Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot
  • Joseph Henry Lumpkin

If you aren’t T. Kyle King you may not find this remotely worthwhile, but it’s high time I write something for that guy.  After all, he’s written more than enough for all of us.

I trust that someday the annals of history will fail to look back at the Blogging Era with fondness.  I have no doubt that will be the case.  Scholars (if they still exist) will instead look back at this period defined by previously-unknown means of attaining knowledge and yet unmatched platforms for disbursing knowledge and ask, “Why wasn’t there more…knowledge?”  Alas this period of internettiness is plagued more often than not by self-defined experts and incendiary columnists with poor grammar and no knowledge of syntax and general written tomfoolery.  I can say this with confidence because I am one of those very “experts”.

Like the French in The Battle of Toulon in the War of the Austrian Succession, I indulged in Blogging after fates had largely been decided.  As bloggers – few in numbers but great in influence (the Spanish fleet) – gained control over the mass of minds (Great Britain), I threw my proverbial hat (or keyboard as it may have been) into the ring in an effort to also claim victory via the interweb.  And for the last few years, I have indeed claimed such a victory.  But while an exuberant time for me and possibly humiliating for mankind, this grand blogging experience may indeed simply be one large debacle in intellectual and creative warfare.

But, I can’t lament such sorrows for long as I have done much more to contribute to this dismal state than I have done to improve the Anyone-Can-Write-Anything condition of today’s internet.  No approving recount of the Blogging Era would feature DudeYouCrazy.  But, if there were ever to be a favorable association, one would have to think it would involve writers like T. Kyle King.  The crown jewel of this epoch would be gentlemen like him whose writing was scholarly, astutely analytical and founded upon sound reasoning.  And, if you were to study a particular region of the Blogging terrain, say the Georgia Bulldog landscape, you’d be well-served to label T. Kyle the George Washington of that particular union.  He blazed trails, he impacted lives for the better (count mine) and he created something that was good.

Indeed if Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot were to depict the landscape of the Georgia Blogging Community, the painting would find T. Kyle King as a focal point.  And just as Camille Corot’s work flirted with both Neo-Classicalism and Impressionism, so too would T. Kyle King require more than just one definition.  He is after all, equal parts man and equal parts legend.  He is 100% homo sapien and yet 100% fanciful dream.

Although this article is written (at least to a certain extent) in jest I would be remiss to shun the impact that T. Kyle King and the Dawgsports community has had on my own Blogging experience. Along with Deep South Sports and Hey Jenny Slater, Dawgsports introduced me to the world of College Football Blogs.  T. Kyle King’s writing may not have had the happy-go-lucky flow of a Carrie Bradshaw (Deep South Sports did) or the sass of a Samantha Jones (Hey Jenny Slater had that covered), but he offered the deliberate and straight-forward take on Georgia football (who cares if he erred on the side of optimism and good faith?).  T. Kyle King was, in other words, Charlotte York MacDougal Goldenblatt.

T. Kyle King is a gentleman and a scholar (the very archetype of man that Joseph Henry Lumpkin envisioned when he founded the University of Georgia School of Law), and yet somehow he found himself Blogging.  And for that I am thankful.

You will be dearly missed, T. Kyle King.  Fare thee well.



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