Exclusive: Alec Ogletree Draft Stock Illustrated by Six Year Old, Reader Poll

Alec Ogletree is might still be a first round draft prospect at inside linebacker.  He was thought to be a top-10 talent as recently as last week.  But, the Buffalo Bills and the New York Jets (two teams who openly are in need of an ILB) may be looking for different ways to spend their 8th and 9th respective picks after news of his DUI arrest broke.

Aside from the personal issues that the latest arrest seems to highlight (keep in mind Ogletree was arrested for theft in 2010 and he served a drug-related suspension in 2012), a DUI offers a red-flag based on the emphasis the NFL has placed on such arrests inrecent years.

To help illustrate the decline of Alec Ogeltree in the most simple of terms, I enlisted the help of an imaginary six year-old.  Here’s what I got.

Click to enlarge.

Click to enlarge.

Ogletree is a rare talent, but you have to think he’s on pretty thin ice and slipping out of the top-10.

So where will he settle in the Draft?

That’s all I got/


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