Exclusive: Two Dudes Discussing “The Bachelor”: Georgia Great Christian Robinson Stops By

It’s Valentine’s Day and former Georgia linebacker Christian Robinson and I want to do something special for all the ladies of the world.

Two Dudes Discussing the Bachelor: A New Series (Hopefully) 

Christian Robinson came to the University of Georgia as a four-star recruit and the nation’s 19th best outside linebacker according to Rivals.com.  Over the last four seasons Robinson appeared in 51 games and registered 159 total tackles, 22.5 TFL (71 total yards lost) and four fumble recoveries.  He recently played in the Raycom College Football All-Star Classic where he notched an interception.  He is considered the 15th best NFL prospect at the Inside Linebacker position according to several sources.  More importantly to you, however, and more pertinent to this article: Christian Robinson, like me, is a fan of “The Bachelor” on ABC.  Here is the first (and hopefully not last) installment of Two Dudes Discussing “The Bachelor”:

DudeYouCrazy:  At the homestead I make my wife watch more than her fair share of football in the Fall.  It’s not enough for me to just go to Georgia football games, I have to re-watch them as soon as we get home.  She also gets to suffer through Thursday night college football, Friday night high school football, and the NFL on Sunday and Monday.  The remote-control power balance shifts a little bit after football season.  I’m watching a lot more House Hunters International and other programming on HGTV.  The first football off-season of our marriage was the dark, dark time in which she exposed me to “The Bachelor.”  I hated it at first, but by the end of the season it was so ridiculous that I couldn’t help but watch.  Last season I got a little more into it and started really diving into the drama.  This year, I’m all in.  It’s like a car accident with a love theme, I can’t look away.  How about you? How’d you get hooked?

Christian Robinson: To be completely honest, a bunch of the people and coaches at Ignition (where I’m training in Cincinnati) were all big fans. I would hear them talking about it on Tuesday mornings when I would come in to start stretching, and the way they were talking about it made laugh. I think it’s really funny to see a room full of women thinking that this one guy is in love with all of them. So every week I just sit and watch and laugh as every one of them is convinced they are the one for Sean.

DYC:  It’s totally ridiculous!  You’re a bit of a Bachelor rookie in a way.  Sounds like this is the first season you’ve been really following, is that correct?

CR:  I’ve never consistently watched a whole season the way I have tracked this one.  This is my first time really watching.  I’ll probably only watch The Bachelor (and not the Bachelorette), because there are tons of women on this show.

DYC:  I can’t blame you for that.  So are you watching every week?

CR:  For the past five weeks, I’ve been up in Cincy and I’ve watched every week.  And since I’ve been Tweeting more and more about it, it’s become a known thing to have my phone out during the show.

DYC:  I jokingly say that I gain male Twitter followers during football season and then completely alienate them by Tweeting incessantly about The Bachelor.  Then I start gaining a female audience and I lose them as soon as football starts.  At any given time, at least half of the internet hates me.  I did get a Twitter shout-out from Chris Harrison one time though.  That might or might not show up on my professional resume.  Have you had any really notable Bachelor-related Twitter incidents?

Click to enlarge.

Click to enlarge.

CR: Daniella McBride tweeted at me after she got eliminated.

DYC:  Whoa! You got a scorned contestant to interact, that’s impressive!  See, I think my Chris Harrison tweet is somewhat tainted by the fact that his job depends on people watching the show, so of course he’s going to interact with fans.  But Daniella didn’t have any real obligation to reach out.  You must have some real pull.  I keep trying to get Sean to appreciate his heterosexual male viewers and show some love on Twitter, but he’s too busy taking his shirt off.  Speaking of which, you and Sean have a lot in common.  He was a three-star linebacker recruit out of high school and signed with Kansas State where he ultimately became a tight end.  You obviously had a successful career at Georgia after being highly recruited.  Who do you think was the better college player?

CR:  I’d have to say me, ha!  Obviously he had more time on his hands to talk to the ladies and learn the tricks of the trade.  And obviously since I got to play in the SEC for Georgia we were more worried about winning, haha!

DYC:  Whoaaa! Shots fired!  I don’t know if Sean is capable of being angry, but if he is this could mean war!  So let me ask you this, who would be the better Bachelor?  You or Sean?  Don’t you think you could do what he’s doing out there with all those crazy dates?

CR:  I think my conscience would catch up to me.  I don’t know how Sean keeps his story straight with all those women.  I would feel like whoever ended up getting the final rose would totally speak her mind after getting it and I’d have to live in fear of that woman taking out months worth of frustration on me as soon as she got that ring.  But I would totally do the show for all the free trips and parties he gets to go to.  I’m pretty sure no matter his success with this season he won’t have trouble meeting attractive young women for the rest of his life.

DYC:  You’ve thought a lot about this.  Maybe I should nominate you the next time Chris Harrison pops up in one of those “Do you know the next Bachelor or Bachelorette?  Apply online at ABC.com.” commercials.  If you were on the show, what would be your ideal date?

CR:  Naturally, a helicopter would be involved, but I think any of the trips they take to an island would be awesome.  I’d take a free weekend at the beach on national television.  Maybe a trip to a big football game in the SEC would be ideal.  I have to have a woman that loves some football since I’m planning on coaching after my playing days are over.

DYC:  I’ve got tell you, women who love football are harder to find than you might think.  I lucked up.  But, if you said that you liked football, I’m sure all the ladies would say, “Oh my gosh Christian! I love football.  Football is like really, really important to me.  Football and family.”  And then they’d go to the private interview set and one by one they would say, “I don’t really know anything about football, but I’ve got to get this guy.”  Manipulation is the name of the game.  Speaking of which, how about that crazy trick Tierra?  If you had to equate her to an SEC team who would she be?

CR:  I wouldn’t even let her have the thought of being an SEC team.  She would definitely be a Georgia Tech.  She thought she was better than all the other teams, but ultimately she should have been off the schedule years ago.

DYC:  Christian Robinson don’t play ladies and gentlemen!  I love it.  See I pegged her as a Steve Spurrier-coached South Carolina squad.  She’s tricky, manipulative and rough around the edges, but somehow it was working for her!  I think I speak for the rest of humanity when I say that I’m glad she’s gone.  You Tweeted on Tuesday night that the show needs a new villain now that she’s gone.  Who’s that going to be?  Any guesses?

CR:  After the preview it looks like the tension is going to shift to the families.  The family members are now speaking up.  It’s hard for them to sit back and watch this one guy lie to all these girls and basically get away with it. So I’m excited to see some beat downs next week.

DYC:  I think you just might see that.  Who do you think is going to have the craziest family?

CR:  I think all the families should be pretty crazy.  It looks like multiple family members get physical with Sean, So I hope he’s been staying in shape after football.

DYC:  I can’t even picture him playing football, he seems so mild-mannered and polite.  I wonder if he apologized to his opponents after making a big play.  Do you think he’s made any mistakes along the way?  Has he let anybody go too soon?

CR:  I was a big Daniella fan.  I just think she should have stayed on the show longer.  She was a pretty girl and she never got her 1-on-1 date and I definitely would have given her that shot.

DYC:  And she Tweeted at you, so that has to count for something.  I’ll say this and it will probably get me in trouble with the ladies: Sean is definitely not superficial, I think he’s let most of the best looking women go already.  I mean if you scroll through the Kiss Leaderboard (which is actually a real thing) it’s easy to see that he’s not keeping the four best-looking women that he’s kissed.  That’s for sure.  Apparently Sean is into “character” and “chemistry” and crap like that.  So who do you think wins?

CR:  I feel like Desiree is the choice to go with.  She seems pretty solid and doesn’t have a lot of issues, ha!  The others seem to have a lot of back story and that just makes me think he should avoid the drama like most guys.  He should go with Des.

DYC:  Full disclosure: I accidentally read a tweet with a spoiler so I know who he picks.  But, I could not agree with you more.  Of the remaining contestants Desiree and Lindsay have to be the leaders.  Desiree has seemed drama-free to this point, and Lindsay is a substitute teacher so she’s going to be great for the nights when you want to watch a movie (because all subs know how to do is pop in an educational film).  Catherine has daddy issues and her friend died under a tree that fell (that sounds a bit made up to me).  AshLee seems straight up CrayZee.

Thanks to Christian Robinson for stopping by.  This was a blast.  Happy Valentine’s Day, everybody.

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