Jadeveon Clowney to Skip Football this Year?

That’s what Tom Sorensen of the Charlotte Observer is recommending.

Sorensen presents a compelling (if not altogether original) argument for the hypocrisy of the NFL Draft’s early-entry policy and even uses Marcus Lattimore as a reason why players should be able to go pro whenever the market says they are ready.

If you believe in free enterprise, on what grounds do you tell a player physically ready to compete that, for his own good, he won’t be allowed to?

I don’t know the answer to that question.  The NFL pretends to though.  And until something changes in that policy it’s hard to anticipate a player challenging the system.  Maurice Clarett tried to balk the system by declaring for the Draft early and taking the matter to courts.  How did that turn out?  Is Clarett an all-pro running back?

What makes Clowney’s potential (according to Sorensen) decision any different?  Butting heads with the NFL has been as detrimental as butting heads in the NFL.

Nonetheless, I hope Jadeveon Clowney skips the 2013 season.  I think Aaron Murray would agree with me on that one.

That’s all I got/


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  1. As a UGA fan i can only hope he does.

  2. That could be a multi-million dollar decision on his part, if he gets hurt it could cost him a bundle even his football career if it is a career ending injury. Even practicing must less playing in 2013 could be risky. Sitting out and keeping the mind and body well rested for the 2014 draft would be a very wise decision for many top rated players.

  3. Hope he stays. Play the best, beat the best. No excuses from gamecocks when we whip them in Athens this year.

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