Is Todd Grantham a Chump? A Closer Look at His Current Bulldog Legacy

What will Todd Grantham’s reputation be within Bulldog Nation this time next year?  That may seem like an unnecessarily long-term question as his reputation hangs in the balance even as we speak (he interviewed with the New Orleans Saints for the Defensive Coordinator job yesterday), but I think it holds some merit.  After all, Grantham is in a uniquely volatile position as far as fan perception is concerned.

This time last year Georgia fans loved Grantham.  His defense had been dynamic in 2011 and he had wrangled a number of NFL prospects into staying in Athens for another year.  Those prospects disappointed (by in large) in 2012 and now fans are lukewarm on Grantham and many are terrified that he won’t be able to develop the young talent that is waiting to take the field in 2013.

Furthermore, Grantham is on the cusp of handing the University of Georgia one of the all-time great “screw-overs” in the football program’s history if he does indeed leave.  Should he depart for the Saints gig (or another) this late in the offseason it leave Georgia in a bind.  Who does Richt find to replace him now that hiring season is over and the candidates are picked over?  And suddenly the recruiting class that seemed so disappointing to some (although I disagree) slides from “What was that?” to “Todd Grantham really hurt us; everyone knew he was leaving.”

But, if he stays and develops the talent that most people have forgotten about the way I still think he is capable of doing, he’s a hero.  Georgia’s offense returns most of its firepower and if all three of the conditions above are satisfied (1. Grantham stays, 2. The defense has talent, 3. Grantham develops that talent), it could be a historic year for the Bulldogs.  And then all of a sudden Grantham is a miracle worker.

The way I see it, there is very little “in between” for Todd Grantham’s legacy as a Bulldog.  If he leaves at an inopportune time following disappointing season, he’s a chump.  If he sticks around, I think Georgia is due for a fantastic year and he deserves a lot of credit for 2013 season.  But what do you think?

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  1. Damn the wolves are out quick. You judge but you would run his ass over getting onto the Saints’ plane given the same opportunity!

  2. Give the man a break. He was offered an interview and did so. What kind of a message would he leave had he not interviewed? What about future considerations for Pro jobs, if he had declined the interview? He has openly stated that he and his family love UGA. Let’s wait until decisions are made before lynching him. As for the results of the 2012 defense, he can put in the defense but he can’t execute it. After watching the lack of positive effort by Jenkins in the Senior Bowl, he may not go so high in the draft. Also, what did Gathers really do this year, except chase people around after they had cleared the line of scrimmage. Watching Baltimore in the Super Bowl showed people how good middle defense linemen should play the game. Not just lean on your opponent.

    I like the Dawgs chances. Remember, last year we recruited the toughest and meanest defensive lineman in the state, and he will be available this year.

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