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I’ll do my best to keep everything going here but know that the Tweeter Machine will be going full steam ahead.

6:08 PM – With things wrapped up Rivals.com has Georgia with the 12th best class in the nation trailing SEC foes Alabama, Florida, LSU, Ole Miss, Texas A&M and Auburn.  247 Sports paints the exact same picture.  FoxSportsNext/Scout places Georgia 10th behind the likes of Bama, LSU, A&M, Florida and Ole Miss.  ESPN paints that same picture.

3:39 PM – Kamara Chameleon is rolling his Tide.  Not stunned, but was hoping he’d don the red and black.

2:05 PM – Richt and company are talking now. “Good group of guys. Yada yada yada.”

12:15 PM – Brendan Douglas, Shaq Fluker and Tim Kimbrough are in.  Officially.  Just need official paper work from Bellamy still.

11:45 AM – Alvin Kamara is the last remaining cog on Georgia’s Big Board of Potential Steals.  He’s leaning heavy to Alabama but at some point the fact that five other 4-star (or better) RBs have signed with Alabama over the past two classes might mean something.  It’s one thing to be OK with waiting your turn, it’s another to wonder if the coaching staff will even remember which guy you are.  Yes Georgia has Gurshall, but as I discussed here, if one of them goes down somebody is getting a lot of playing time really soon.  Am I saying he’s flipping to UGA?  Not necessarily, but it certainly seems more likely now (as opposed to 24 hours ago) that we know who is officially signed in Tuscaloosa.

11:24 AM – Tune in tomorrow at 7:37 AM right here (DudeYouCrazy.net).  I will be announcing just how badly I’m going to rip into the complete utter ridiculousness of this Ole Miss class.

11:17 AM – Davin Bellamy is in with the Bulldogs.  Great pickup.

10:42 AM – Georgia is waiting on LOIs from three commits: Brendan Douglas, Shaquille Fluker, Tim Kinbrough.  Also at 1 PM Davin Bellamy is expected to announce.

10:18 AM – Kennar Johnson (safety), A.J. Turman (RB) and DeAndre Johnson (DL) are now in.

9:58 AM – Montravious Adams is going with Auburn.  Your loss, Auburn, your loss.

Click to enlarge.

Click to enlarge.

9:38 AM – Tunsil becomes the latest to officially choose the mediocrity that is Ole Miss over the SEC’s elite.

9:35 AM – Shaw Wiggins is officially in.

9:29 AM – Leonard Floyd is officially in.

9:28 AM – Big announcements coming up: Laremy TUnsil 9:30 (favoring Ole Miss), Montravious Adams 9:45 (Favoring Auburn)

9:02 AM – When everyone mentions “who Georgia missed” please do not miss George Adeosun.  He’s a two-star prospect per Rivals.

8:58 AM – The Nation’s top receiver just committed to Ole Miss (as expected).  That makes sense because the Rebels had the nation’s 46th best passing attack last season he’s from Illinois.  Wait I meant this doesn’t make sense.

8:54AM – Brandon Langley, Reggie Davis, Brandon “Kubby Bear” Kublanow and Paris Bostick are officially in.  That’s a four-star DB, a four-star WR, a four-star OL and a three-star safety.

8:42 AM – WR Uriah LeMay has officially signed with Georgia.  That may actually tell us more about his big bro Christian (i.e. not considering transferring) than it does about Uriah.

8:37 AM – DeVondre Seymour, Richard Seymour’s cousin, has signed with UGA according to his high school coach.  Seymour is surrounded by question marks (primarily eligibility), but he has size (6-6, 300 lbs.) isn’t one of them.  Rivals has him as a three-star recruit, 247 Sports has DeVondre as a three-star recruit at the tackle position, ESPN Insider give him four stars.  He had offers from Alabama, Auburn, Florida and South Carolina.

He is Georgia’s first “get” that wasn’t expected, but he may need a year of prep school.

8:21 AM – 4-star recruit at LB, Johnny O’Neal is officially in.

8:00 AM – 3-star LB Shaun McGee is in the fold.

7:53 – WR Rico Johnson sends in Georgia’s first fax.  He’s a three-star threat from Swainsboro.

7:48 AM – Robert Nkemdiche does not buy a vowel.  He instead picks Ole Miss.  Of all the oddly talented guys who may be heading to Oxford he is the least suspicious as his older brother plays there.  Personal opinion: Nkemdiche relied too much on his size on high school.  Will have a harder time adjusting to the college game than some think.  I’d take 18-year old Jadeveon Clowney over Nkemdiche eight days a wekk.

7:28 AM – Here’s what we know so far:

    • Obama made a Reuben Foster reference and it didn’t include “Reuben Studdard is better than Reuben Foster” or “Foster Australian for Ironic Tattoos.”
    • Georgia still has 13 early enrollees and that’s about it.
    • Hundreds of talented athletes are frantically trying to find someone old enough to remember how to send a fax this AM.  I’ll keep you posted on who figures it out.
    • Also the results from yesterday’s poll are in and you guys are fairly confident.  88% expected Georgia to grade out in the A or B range.

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