Linebacks on backs on backs: Georgia’s LB Recruits

Georgia doesn’t recruit many “linebackers” any more. The 3-4 sees DEs move back and DBs move up often to fill those voids.  Alec Ogletree was recruited and signed in 2010 as the nation’s 3rd best safety.  He played there briefly before earning an NFL-ready reputation as an inside backer.  Jordan Jenkins committed to Georgia last year as the nation’s 6th best weakside DE.  He flourished as a linebacker this year.

So, it shouldn’t be stunning that the “linebackers” list isn’t long for the Dawgs.  Keep that in mind as we dig deeper.


Who’s in?

Georgia has two linebackers (per definition) already enrolled.  Reginald Carter is a 6’2, 224 lb. inside linebacker from South Gwinnett high school.  He was considered the nation’s 14th best player at his position.  Carter earned his stripes as a sophomore on a talented Stephenson squad back in 2010.  You can see his motor in the video below.


Carter is joined by Ryne Rankin who is big, bad and likes to hit people (see the video below).  He’s like Tim Riggins without the hair.


Who’s coming?

Four-star prospects Johnny O’Neal (the nation’s 16th best inside linebacker) and Tim Kimbrough (the nation’s 6th best ILB) as well as  Shaun McGee (ranked 25th at the OLB position) are also expected to sign.


Who Georgia needs:

Reuben Studdard Foster Australian for Linebacker would be a big pick up.  Any time you get the nation’s 13th best player late in the game, it’s a big deal.  I don’t know what to expect from Foster though.  He committed to Auburn early and even moved to Auburn, AL to play football with former Auburn assistant Trooper Taylor’s son.  Many even think Taylor has not been hired by another program because there are concerns regarding the legality of his relationship with Foster.  But, Auburn is still in the picture…which makes no sense (despite the fact that Foster got an Auburn tattoo) because your buddy’s dad recruited you there has been fired from the school.  Alabama is a player and that makes sense.  And, a number of Foster’s buddies are committed to (or already at) Georgia.  To make matters even more odd, Foster took a visit this past week to San Diego State.  That tells me one of three things:

  1. Foster is clinically insanse and thinks SDSU is the right move for him.
  2. Something shadier than shady is going on at San Diego State (I’ve talked about corruption there before)
  3. Reuben Studdard Foster Australian for Linebacker just wanted to take a free trip to California.

I really, really hope it’s option three.  And I really, really, really hope Foster is Australian for “suck it Auburn.”

Georgia is also in the mix for Matthew Thomas (the nation’s second best outside linebacker) along with Alabama, FSU, Miami and Southern Cal.  Frankly, Georgia seems like an odd fit for him, but if he wants to follow the Jarvis Jones model (and who wouldn’t?) then it might make sense.


Random note:

Some strange, strange things are going on with linebackers in this class.  Zach Cunningham is a four-star recruit and considered the nation’s 23rd best outside linebacker prospect.  His top five right now looks like this: Ole Miss, Oregon, Miami, Auburn and Samford.  Yes, Samford without a “T” and with an “M,” not Stanford.  He’s also considering Chattanooga.  For real.

The guy ranked just behind Cunningham in the national outside linebacker projections is Stacy Thomas.  He has offers from Auburn, Florida, Florida State, Georgia, Louisville, LSU, Miami, Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Notre Dame, West Virginia, Wisconsin and other powers.  Wiscy and L’ville are in his top five.  Those schools are joined by Marshall, Bowling Green and Florida Atlantic.  Hmmmm…


That’s all I got/




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