Recruiting Violation: I Have Reached Out to Ole Miss Regarding Foul Play

Yesterday I expressed my concern for any young athlete who might choose to play football at  Ole Miss over the University of Georgia.

Shortly thereafter, Ole Miss Head Coach Hugh Freeze seemed to catch on to the brewing oddity of the Rebels’ new-found recruiting prowess and offered up the following via his Tweeter Mechanism.

If you have facts about a violation, send it to  if not, please do not slander these young men or insult their family.


My first inclination was to send an ugly email to the address provided.  But I refrained.  Then I decided that I would ignore the improper grammatical agreement in Freeze’s first sentence (If you have facts you should send them or if you have a fact you should send it but at no point if you have facts should you send it.)  I decided not to bully the guy who makes seven figures coaching football and instead I offered my congratulations saying:

Props to @CoachHughFreeze and his staff for recruiting with a proficiency that defies either NCAA legality OR conventional logic.

And then I got a little more proactive and sent the email that can be found below.  I’ll let you know when I hear back from Ole Miss, but that institution has a long history of shoddy communication. (Dude’s note: Last year I applied for the very job that Hugh Freeze now holds only to receive an email telling me to go apply at another site.  Seriously.  Who says “Apply here!” and then follows up by saying, “thanks so much for applying now go re-apply here.” ?  Ole Miss says that.  I didn’t have time for that crap and I let it go.)


Click to enlarge.

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That’s all I got/


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  1. awesome, simply awesome… keep up the good work!

  2. sir, you are wrong to accuse a coach of cheating just because we apparently are going to lose a recruit to them. These kids make last minute changes every year, and we win some and lose some.

  3. I didn’t think that “grammar smack” was allowed on twitter. I mean, you are limited to only 140 characters, right?

    Further, I thought your letter (in the other post) was pretty funny. However, you have to know that there are plenty of other factors that could influence a student’s decision, right?

  4. Lets be better than this dude. Btw I think grammar was actually okay. The reference was to the violation ( object pronoun- singular) not so much the facts ( plural).

  5. I think it should also be “…please do not slander these young men or insult their families.” He’s just not much for grammar i guess.. Love the article man!

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