Aaron Murray’s New Toys: A Look at Georgia’s WRs in the 2013 Recruiting Class

Aaron Murray threw for 3,893 yards (a Georgia record) in 2012 and added 36 passing TDs (another Georgia record).  Naturally his return was greeted favorably…to say the least.  The return of some elite pass catchers is equally promising.  Murray will have 63.14% of his yardage returning and 64.86% of his TD production back in 2013.  Add to that mix Michael Bennett who should be back from a knee injury and suddenly the loss of Tavarres King (Georgia’s all-time leader in games played) and Marlon Brown seems pretty daggum manageable.

Georgia returns big tight ends (Jay Rome and Arthur Lynch), fast wideouts (Malcolm Mitchell and Chris Conley), sure-handed veterans (Bennett and Rantavious Wooten) and developing talents (Justin Scott-Wesley and redshirt frosh Blake Tibbs).  Toss in (pun intended) Mike Bobo’s new found affinity for throwing the ball to Keith Marshall out of the backfield, and you have to think Georgia’s passing game will be as good – if not better – in 2013.

But if there’s one thing we know about Murray, it’s that he can always use a few extra weapons.  He used 12 players to complete passes of 20 yards or longer in 2012.  Eleven players caught TDs last season eight of those caught two or more.  Here’s how the receiver slots look for the 2013 recruiting class.


Who’s in? 

Jonathan Rump (a junior college transfer) is already in Athens and has brought an NFL body with him at 6’5”, 215 lbs.  There’s not a lot of tape on this guy, but he seems to have solid straight-line speed.  He seems to lack the elusiveness (but again, this is based on a limited amount of film) of a Cordarrelle Patterson, but at his size that may be expected.  At the very least I think he will be comparable to Marlon Brown once he adjusts to the speed of the game.  But, his ceiling is much higher than Marlon’s – especially if he is productive this season and sticks around for the 2014 season.

Additionally, Tramel Terry (an athlete from South Carolina) is already in the fold and many expect him to play receiver.  Terry is, in my opinion, a very similar athlete to Malcolm Mitchell, but he seems smoother.  Not necessarily better, but smoother.  Mitchell has tremendous speed but almost seems frantic as he accelerates, Terry is silky smooth.  He may settle at DB depending on the depth (or lack thereof) at that position, but I’d expect him on offense.


Who’s coming? 

Reggie Davis (6’0”, 159 lbs.) is the crown of Georgia’s committed but not yet signed receivers.  He’s a smaller player (but seems to have the frame to carry more weight) who has demonstrated good (but not explosive) speed and tremendous hands.  He’s hailing from Tallahassee, Florida and was stolen from Florida State, Florida, Alabama, Auburn, Clemson and Oregon.  His offer sheet is about as impressive as any in the nation.

Rico Johnson is heading up from Swainsboro, GA and bringing elite top-end speed.  The three-star recruit measures 5’11”, 170 lbs. and has said that he’s “humbled” to have the opportunity to play for Georgia.  Christian Conley said very similar things.  If Rico can be the film room and weight room junkie that Conley is then I have no doubt he’ll find the field sooner rather than later.

Uriah Lemay, Christian’s brother, is also committed to Georgia but many think that could flip.  He measures 6’1”, 181 lbs. and also claims offers form Auburn, Clemson, Flroida, FSU, Louisville (an exciting program right now), Notre Dame, Ohio State and South Carolina.  The speculation for him is directly tied to his brother, who some feel may transfer in an effort to garner more playing time.  Again, this is all strictly speculation.


Who Georgia needs? 

You never turn down elite talent, but with Tramel Terry and Jonathan Rumph already in town, if Davis, Johnson and LeMay commit I’d be hard pressed to say that Georgia needs anybody else at WR.


That’s all I got/



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  1. This is a really good breakdown, I enjoy reading your stuff. My only problem is that you called Wooten sure handed. He has probably dropped as many passes as he has caught during his career, but maybe he’ll have a Tavarres King type of revelation and not drop anything next season.

  2. Good stuff, thanks.

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