Poll Dancing, Brice Ramsey, Laremy Tunsil Drops Hints and What You Won’t See In Murray’s Trick Shot Video

Poll Dancing 

The Brice Ramsey poll from yesterday is now closed.  Shout out to the 508 folks that voted and the 958 who didn’t think it was worth their time.  I get it.

I’m kidding of course, but the results are no joke.  Here’s what the readers of DudeYouCrazy think about Ramsey:

  • Less than 1% expect him to play at all this season.
  • 6.5% don’t think he’ll ever start (Faton Bauta got a number of shoutouts in the comment section, and many think the job will be his beginning in 2014.)
  • 26.77% Expect him to beat out all of the competition (LeMay, Mason, Bauta et al.) in 2014.
  • Almost 66% think he’ll back one of those guys up in 2014.
Click to enlarge.

Click to enlarge.




Laremy Tunsil Tweets 

Tunsil was in Oxford, MS this weekend and he tweeted (and I quote), “Oxford” while he was there.  He then tweeted, “Don’t worry Athens and Bama you still get love.”

He seems to be down to those three schools and his Tweets support that, but there was one Texas Longhorn reference yesterday.  I’m sure that was a mistake.

More importantly, Laremy Tunsil asked his followers who the best player in the NBA is.  I responded “Kyle Korver, duh,” and he retweeted to show his agreement.  Simply put: Georgia can’t afford to miss out on such an elite offensive tackle who has a deep appreciation for the three-point marksmanship of Kyle Korver.


What you won’t see in the Aaron Murray trick shot video: 

Murray and some of his bros (Watts Dantzler, Austin Long) were out and about filming a trick shot video yesterday.  Here’s what you won’t see:

  • Murray’s fake girlfriend Erin Murphy.
  • A pass on third and long (those situations are used for the Draw Play Trickeration montage that Bobo is making).
  • Alabama linebacker C.J. Mosley batting down a pass at the end of the video.


Outside of that who knows what’s going to show up.  But it better be good.


That’s all I got/



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  1. What about “he’ll transfer after Deshaun Watson signs with UGA in February 2014”?

  2. We will not get one of the weekend visitors to sign with us next week

  3. Yes. We will, FR. Your optimism is refreshing.

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