Need Somebody to Root for in the Super Bowl? Go with the 49ers Chad Hall – The Most Interesting Man in the World

San Francisco 49ers WR Chad Hall: He is the Most Interesting Man in the World

Falcons fans may be miserable today and Georgia fans (I’m talking about me) may still be bitter about the SEC Championship Game, but there are still plenty of good football stories to cheer for.  One of them happens to be an Atlanta product.

San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Chad Hall played ball at the Wesleyan School in Norcross.  Widely viewed as undersized and ignored by most of the big boys, Hall took his talents to the Air Force Academy.  Initially designated as a QB, the Falcons found his athleticism better suited for the running back position and as a sophomore he earned 10 starts at the position.  He broke out as a junior, leading the team in rushing and scoring a combined six TDs (five on the ground, one on a catch).

“Going Off” is the technical way to describe is senior campaign.  In 2007 Chad Hall rushed for 1478 yards and 15 TDs, racked up 524 yards and a TD receiving and returned punts and kicks for a combined 681 yards.  If you run the numbers on that, Hall accounted for over 1.5 miles of productivity.

Hall became a darkhorse Heisman candidate late in the year before making President George W. Bush a Heisman candidate.

Undrafted out of college, Chad then fulfilled a commitment to the armed forces and was stationed as a second lieutenant at Hill Air Force Base in Utah.

In March of 2010 the Philadelphia Eagles signed Hall to a three year contract after seeing him work out.  He bounced between the practice squad and the active roster but had a breakout game in the season finale against the Cowboys, racking up 84 yards on six catches and one score.  The following season he was assigned to the practice squad before being promoted to the active roster later in the season.

This year he was signed to the Niners practice squad in late November and promoted to the active roster last week.  He was mentioned several times during the broadcast yesterday, but was targeted just once and did not make a catch.

Hall is known for his charitable spirit and he is a staunch advocate for the Wounded Warrior Project.  He even shaved his golden locks for the cause at Eagles training camp this season.

Also of Note: Hall’s sister has been dating Detroit Lions QB and UGA product Matthew Stafford for quite some time.  And, his cousin is UGA fullback Merritt Hall.


Stafford, DudeYouCrazy, Manti Te'o

Stafford, DudeYouCrazy, Manti Te’o after I autographed a ball for Manti in 2006.

If you read my site often, you know I’m not one for “Encyclopedia” style articles (sadly the closest thing I have to a “claim to fame” is an illustrated story about Jarvis Jones, and I’m not an artist), and this has certainly taken the tone of one.  But, I think that background is necessary to understand where I’m going.  Chad Hall was an under-recruited, hard working utility college player turned Air Force lieutenant who scratched and clawed his way onto the roster in Philadelphia and is doing the same thing in San Francisco.  He’s from Atlanta and he’s going to the Super Bowl.  But nobody in this town is talking about him.

If I go to the AJC Sports Page the top headlines are as follows:

  • Fan stabbed outside Ga. Dome
  • Bradley: Disasterous ending (Dude’s Note: Yes, “Disasterous” is spelled wrong on the site)
  • Schultz: Ryan can’t overcome mistakes
  • Julio Jones, Tony Gonzalez bright spots for Falcons in defeat
  • Quotes after the game
  • Kaepernick delivers
  • Ravens defeat Patriots
  • Couric to interview Te’o
  • Armstrong’s enemies find vindication, sadness
  • Design the AJC Peachtree T-shirt
  • Baseball mourns loss of 2 Hall of Famers
  • Ex-UGA prospect picks Clemson
I think it is "disasterous" if Hall doesn't get some press in Atlanta over the coming weeks.

I think it is “disasterous” if Hall doesn’t get some press in Atlanta over the coming weeks.

Term searches on are equally fruitless.

I understand that media is still very much a business.  I understand that the AJC must print what will sell.  But what sells better than a hard-working local patriot who is about to play in a Super Bowl?

I hope Chad Hall gets a little press over the coming weeks, he certainly deserves it.  But if he doesn’t and you’re looking for somebody to root for in the Super Bowl on February 3rd – remember his story.  It should be told more often than Lance Armstrong’s or Manti Te’o’s.  It should be a focal point of Atlanta sports over the coming weeks.


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  1. Played against Chad at Providence in baseball. Great story of a guy with great heart, and I hope it continues for him.

  2. Should look at the rest of that over-achieving, extended Hall family …Merritt playing football at UGA currently, Lauren diving for University of Hawaii, and Erin playing basketball for College of Charleston. Very impressive bunch of kids!

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